Walking for charity

Today I participated in a charity walk with work and for the MMRF. (There’s still time to donate if you are so inclined. Click here for my page. Thanks to those who have already donated.)

Since I didn’t have time to go to yoga (and parking and driving into that part of the city can be a nightmare) I decided to take BART (subway) and then walk to the Marina Green, where the walk took place.

Just getting there was a 3-mile walk. I gave myself plenty of time. It took me about an hour to walk. I got to walk through a lot of the city and see some areas I hadn’t seen before. I made sure I had water and snacks with me.

I had never been to the Marina Green area before. And I realized that THIS is what people do on a beautiful Sunday in the city: There were runners, bikers, walkers, kite fliers, dogs, beachgoers, etc.

The MMRF walk/run was a 5K (~3 miles). There was a good turn out for both Team Onyx and the entire event. I walked with a few other ladies who were just fine to walk at … Continue reading

Riding 100 miles and then some

My company recently launched a wellness program. We first started with biometric testing.

Our results were input into a web portal.

After that there was a wellness assessment in which I answered questions about my mental and physical health, fitness and exercise, work and personal situations, etc. From there my strengths were identified and areas I could work on–such as getting consistent sleep.

I can set up goals and challenges. One of the challenges I am participating in is to have 64 ounces of water for at least five days in a week. I am pretty good with my water intake. But Fridays and Sundays are challenging for me. Now with an incentive I am more proactive on those days as well.

And while doing this points are rewarded, levels achieved and prizes awarded.

One of the challenges is the Century Mile. At first I didn’t sign up for it because I thought it was about running. And I don’t run.

Then I realized you could bike, hike, walk, run (probably even Zumba) your way to 100 miles. The challenge started in mid-March and ends mid-May. The challenge spelled out: Track 100 miles of exercise–walk, run, bike, hike, dance, or whatever … Continue reading

If only I were a runner

My intention today was to get up this morning and head to the gym. I woke up about 7:15, which is rather late for me. (The gym didn’t open until 8 a.m. today.)  I still felt tired and went into the spare room and turned on the TV to Lifetime Movie Network. At some point I dozed off for a bit. I toyed with idea of still going to the gym or working out from home. Eventually neither sounded great and laziness won the battle.

Today is the kind of day where I wish I was a runner. It would be so easy to throw on some exercise clothes, grab my iPhone and take off running. But I hate to run and I pretty much suck at running. I think I would last about 2 minutes before I needed to take a break. I know a lot of people who run and tell me if I can do crazy spin I can run. Well, not true. Running would be great because it is easy cardio you can do anywhere.


I was successful at getting the stank out of my yoga mat. I decided to throw it in the washer … Continue reading

Go Team Onyx!

At work I signed up for a virtual walk to raise funds for MMRF.

My plan was to do the virtual walk via the couch.

I went to an hour and half Vinyasa Yoga class and then Curt and I put in our garden. That is a lot of physical labor.

Once done with all of that Curt and I headed to McNally’s for a much needed beer.

I know I burned more calories and put more of an effort into my physical activities today than I would have had I walked.

The link about will take you to my donation page if you feel so inclined.


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