Just slow down …

Hey, ya’ll, GFG!’s Monthly Challenges are back.

Thanks for your patience while the Monthly Challenges went on hiatus. Life is a little more calm so the Challenges will continue … on one condition … participation. I will try to keep them going for the rest of 2014 and evaluate at the end of the year.

It has been months since our last Monthly Challenge. And frankly, it took me some time to come up with challenges. How did I come up with something (nutrition and exercise) every single month?

Nutrition: Enjoy the food you are eating. How often do you drink your breakfast while commuting to work, eat dinner in front of the TV, stuff lunch down your throat while answering e-mail?

This is a tough one for me. I am a multi-tasker, which is not a positive trait to have. Yea, great you can do a whole bunch of things at the same time, but not very well.

If you can’t commit to all of your meals and snacks to just focus on the food you are eating, try it for one meal a day, one a week or if you really find this challenging, one meal the month of … Continue reading