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Christmas Day yoga

I will be teaching a special yoga class Christmas morning at OmBase in Hillsdale. My Christmas Hatha Blend! class will be from 10-11:30 a.m. Suggested donation: $10-$20. All proceeds will be donated to Standing Rock. Spots are filling up, but there are still some openings available. Space is limited. Sign up ahead of time to secure your spot. You can […]

Curbing sadness with yoga practice

This was originally posted on Nov. 10. I thought it would be nice to repost. This is a great sequence to do any time, not just when you are sad or have low energy. Someone I care about has been sad lately. I want to help him. And anyone else who could benefit from this […]

Curbing sadness with yoga practice

Someone I care about has been sad lately. I want to help him. And anyone else who could benefit from this post. So I did some research on yoga poses to help with sadness and mild depression. In yoga teacher training on Thursday night we focused on forward bends. Forward bends bring your energetic level […]

Unconditional love

My brother, John, unexpectedly lost Sabu, one of his furbabies, on Monday. I lost my furbaby, Joey, about a year and a half ago and I am still so sad about it and completely heartbroken. (I wrote about it on the day he died.) Joey used to maintain a blog (mostly with fun photos) with […]

Thinking furry thoughts

Six months ago today our furbaby went to furry heaven. I had Joey for 17 1/2 years. Curt, Joey and I were a family for a little more than 11 years. My two boys started off with a love/hate relationship. Eventually it was love/love. Losing Joey has been one of the hardest things I have […]

Eeek! Am I getting sick?

Between being sad and in mourning over Joey, busy personally, busy as the year ends at work I am tired, stressed, drained, etc. I was at Target today shopping for my company’s annual toy drive. At some point I started to notice a slight sore throat. On the drive back to work I realized I […]

Comforting … food, booze & mani/pedi

Every day gets a little easier with my Joey gone. When I am sad or depressed or even stressed I turn to food and alcohol. It’s not the healthiest option. But there are much unhealthier choices. I took yesterday off from work. I just took it easy. I lounged around and watched movies. Eventually I […]