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Intensive yoga weekend

This past weekend at yoga teacher training we had something called an Intensive Weekend. We had class three hours on Friday, six hours on Saturday and three hours on Sunday. (Four hours on Sunday if you wanted to participate in an optional hour conversation about meditation before our three hours started.) Friday night was my […]

How to survive Super Caloric Intake Sunday

So tomorrow there is this huge TV event where the best commercials of the year are shown and then there is some American football thrown in occasionally. With this huge commercial/football event lots of drinking and eating will also be happening. This Super Bowl Food Quiz is a good way to get you to realize […]

Healthier way to snack

I love to eat. I love to snack. I love to munch on things. Eating, lack of exercise, sedentary job, change in metabolism and hitting that 25th year of my life are the reasons why I gained 30 pounds many years ago. I lost 30 pounds about four years ago. And probably for two years […]