Be smart, buckle up

As a kid we always buckled up. My mom also made my brother and me sit in the back seat, even after we weren’t babies or toddlers or short people. Airbags didn’t even exist, but the back seat was the safest place. I remember my uncle used to make fun of us. Then he had a kid and he did the same thing …

Buckling up in the car has pretty much always been automatic for me. I don’t even think about it I just do it. I used to not buckle up in the back of a cab. Why? Who knows. But the way those cabbies drive you better believe I do it.

I take a shuttle bus from Emeryville to work in South San Francisco. I used to notice some (not most) of the riders would buckle up. For some reason I thought that was a little funny. But I never said anything. Then I realized I was being dumb by not buckling up. If that bus gets in an accident, why do I think I would be safe without a seat belt? So I have started buckling up on the bus. It still isn’t regular practice and … Continue reading