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Taking care of No. 1

I recently made the decision to drastically reduce my teaching schedule. Many of you know that and some of you don’t know. This was a difficult decision to make and I didn’t take it lightly or make this decision without a lot of thought and love put into it. As a yoga teacher I teach […]

Go Fit Girl! LOVES her amazing, beautiful readers (with prizes)

And the Comment Contest Tuesday on a Thursday winners are revealed. Six wonderful women participated and six wonderful women are getting a little something for showing love to themselves. Three were my some of my regular readers/supporters/commenters. And three were new commenters but I suspect regular supporters/readers. 🙂 The question was simple: What do you love […]

Comment Contest Tuesday goes Thursday with love

Since today is Valentine’s Day (and in honor of this month’s Monthly Challenge) I thought we would talk about love, self-love, loving ourselves. What do you love about yourself? It could be something simple or complex. It could be many things. It could be your laugh, or the way you find the good in people, […]

Long weekend for me

As I have posted lately that lots of changes are going on in my life right now, especially at work. And frankly, I am having a hard time dealing with them. I am finding myself more emotional than normal, exhausted, deflated … Last Monday I decided it would be a good idea for me to […]

Who are you madly in love with?

Last year around this time one of my awesome yoga teacher’s, Vickie, mentioned Madly in Love with Me, which is a project, a mission, a passion created by one of her friends. I looked at the site a little. But never gave it the time I should. I recently asked her about it and she […]