Review Wednesday holiday roundup

For at least the past five years (maybe a little longer) Curt and I along with our families have stopped giving each other Christmas presents.

We have decided we all have what we need. This helps to ease the stress of getting each other gifts.

So instead of giving to others we give to charity.

Curt and I still give each other small gifts, aka stocking stuffers.

Over the past two years GFG! has occasionally had Review Wednesday, where I review items for myself and my readers.

Many of the items I have reviewed would make great stocking stuffers.

I am going to do a quick review on the Fuller Brush, which would fit in a  stocking just great, before I summarize items in past Review Wednesdays.

A friend gave me Fuller Brush’s Veggie Brush as a gift. Let me just say this thing is amazing. It cleans carrots and potatoes strongly and quickly.

It’s amazing how much dirt comes running into the sink compared to other brushes I have used to scrub my root vegetables.

I got this as a gift but the cost is reasonable at $7.99.

This would be a great stocking stuffer and it is … Continue reading

Review Wednesday: Shake Weight

I got my hands on a Shake Weight®. It was a gift at my work White Elephant lunch. The recipient didn’t really want it and let Go Fit Girl! take it and try it out for a review.

I have tried it out and done some research for my readers.

The box claims you just need to use the Shake Weight six minutes a day for great arms. But I can’t find anywhere on the box or website that tells you how often or for how long you need to use the Shake Weight to achieve those great arms.

The weight came with a DVD, which gives the basics on how to use the weight. It also includes the 6-minute routine, which I tried three times in one week.

Beginning of the video claims the shake weight will work your chest, biceps, triceps and shoulders. When using the weight I felt it most in my shoulders when doing the 6-minute routine.

At the end of the workout, Lindsey (from the DVD) probably has us do the basic Shake Weight routine for about 30 seconds and tells us this move will make us feel like our arms are getting tighter, stronger … Continue reading

New things in the new year

The nutrition and exercise challenges for Go Fit Girl!’s January Monthly Challenge are about trying something new. (Facebook event page here.)

In the past week I have tried a few things in yoga I wasn’t willing to dare before.

I have been trying out the Shake Weight. Yup, go ahead and laugh. I was able to snatch it from a co-worker who got it during our White Elephant work lunch. And I am trying it out for a future review for Go Fit Girl!’s Review Wednesday.

Sunday morning is my regular grocery store weekly shopping. On Sunday I bought ingredients for Weight Watchers Fresh Vegetable Soup. Everything that went into the recipe I have eaten before. Last year I did a green smoothie cleanse and tried many vegetables (especially green leafy ones), which I had never tried before.

After I picked up the produce I needed I wandered around looking for a new item to cook. I looked at endives, which looked like a weird yellowish cabbage or lettuce. Eh, maybe not.

Then I decided to go look at the squash. I grabbed an acorn squash. I think I have probably eaten acorn squash, but … Continue reading

Ugh! Black Friday

I wrote about this last year.

I have never been a fan of Black Friday, for a variety of reasons. Initially it was the crowds and the crazies and the mayhem.

I still feel that way. But now there seems to be a lot of ugliness and greed and that makes it even less appealing to me.

When (I) we still gave Christmas presents I made sure to have my list checked off before Thanksgiving. Once online shopping became a reality I did all my shopping online.

For the past many years (I don’t remember how long we have been doing this) our families decided to no longer give Christmas gifts. No one really needs anything. And really, who needs another sweater or candle or something you don’t really want?

So instead we give money to charity. We all have done different things. We have given to local charities, Charity Choice Gift Cards, Heifer International, food banks, Planned Parenthood, etc.

There are so many people who don’t even have the basics, let alone Christmas gifts.

I am a huge advocate of helping others, around the holidays and all year long.

Curt and I have a new charity … Continue reading

Pesky arm waddle

I had a different post in mind for today. I did a lot of research. But still actually need to organize thoughts, research and get it written down.

Then something came up at the gym today and I am going to write about that instead. I love when that happens. To me that means that there is so much to write about the ideas and thoughts aren’t coming anywhere near an end.

There were only four of us in the body conditioning class today, four students and Jenn, the teacher.

Somehow as we were setting up for class we started talking about the arm waddle. We all had it at varying degrees–some much, much smaller than others. We all vary in age and weight and we still all had it. Someone said you need to start working the triceps before you get a certain age. Almost every woman I know has it in some form, no matter age, weight or even toned arms! Julia mentioned it was our muscle. I didn’t realize muscle hangs and dangles.

We jokingly talked about how the gym needs to get some Shake Weights for us to work the waddles.

We did do a … Continue reading

No Shake Weight* needed

On Yahoo this evening I saw an article on four exercises that can help a woman get sleek, toned arms.

In my Saturday body conditioning classes we usually do three out of the four listed.

You could do these exercises at the gym or even at home. You just need a pair of dumbells.

The fourth exercise listed: Lying triceps extension can be done standing if a bench isn’t available. But a stability ball can be used as well as a Bosu Ball.

*If you haven’t seen those weird Infomercials for the Shake Weight, you should click here.

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