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Review Wednesday holiday roundup

For at least the past five years (maybe a little longer) Curt and I along with our families have stopped giving each other Christmas presents. We have decided we all have what we need. This helps to ease the stress of getting each other gifts. So instead of giving to others we give to charity. […]

Review Wednesday: Shake Weight

I got my hands on a Shake Weight®. It was a gift at my work White Elephant lunch. The recipient didn’t really want it and let Go Fit Girl! take it and try it out for a review. I have tried it out and done some research for my readers. The box claims you just […]

New things in the new year

The nutrition and exercise challenges for Go Fit Girl!’s January Monthly Challenge are about trying something new. (Facebook event page here.) In the past week I have tried a few things in yoga I wasn’t willing to dare before. I have been trying out the Shake Weight. Yup, go ahead and laugh. I was able […]

Ugh! Black Friday

I wrote about this last year. I have never been a fan of Black Friday, for a variety of reasons. Initially it was the crowds and the crazies and the mayhem. I still feel that way. But now there seems to be a lot of ugliness and greed and that makes it even less appealing […]

Pesky arm waddle

I had a different post in mind for today. I did a lot of research. But still actually need to organize thoughts, research and get it written down. Then something came up at the gym today and I am going to write about that instead. I love when that happens. To me that means that […]

No Shake Weight* needed

On Yahoo this evening I saw an article on four exercises that can help a woman get sleek, toned arms. In my Saturday body conditioning classes we usually do three out of the four listed. You could do these exercises at the gym or even at home. You just need a pair of dumbells. The […]