Review Wednesday: Skechers Go Walk shoes

For our recent trip to Amsterdam I wanted comfy walking shoes. I have tennis shoes but I wanted something else.

I bought the Skechers Go Walk shoes. I have a couple of other pairs of Skechers and like them.

The first time I put them on I couldn’t believe how good they felt. They are lightweight, flexible and super comfortable.

The Skechers website says this about these shoes: They elevate the natural walking experience, allowing you to interact with and respond to practically any surface, while offering the additional benefit of real world protection.

My shoe box claims this about the shoes: circular sensors flex and twist so your foot can move more naturally; proprietary lightweight, injection-molded compound with memory retention; anti-microbial insole wicks away moisture; scent protection built-in to combat odor; and lightweight.

We didn’t do a ton of walking. But my feet never felt tired or over walked. They were always comfortable and well supported.

And believe me, with some of the shoes I wear my feet hurt, are uncomfortable, can cause blisters, can squish my toes, etc. But not the Go Walks.

I like these shoes so much that I just might be ordering another pair … Continue reading

Let the cleanse begin

I recently signed up for a 7-day super cleanse with Lory Benson Pilates.  The cleanse actually started on January 14. But the timing wasn’t right for me. I needed a time where I knew I could dedicate seven days to this green smoothie cleanse.

So I start the cleanse today. Today and tomorrow I will substitute one meal with a green smoothie. I have decided to have the smoothies for breakfast. Last night I made smoothies for today and tomorrow. I had a quick taste of each and they tasted pretty good.

The amount of smoothie seems like a lot of stuff to drink. But they are supposed to be filing. This cleanse focuses on green smoothies and raw food. A green smoothie’s two main ingredients are greens and fruit.

I plan to write updates on my cleanse throughout the week. Not sure if I will write about it every day. I hope to make it through the full seven days. Days 3 through 7 I will have three green smoothies a day. If I can’t drink three smoothies a day for five days I will try to do one or two. I will just try to do my best. It’s all … Continue reading

And the Go Fit Girl! winner is …

… Jessica.

Thank you to everyone for the awesome and great comments for the latest Comment Contest Tuesday. I really enjoyed reading them. And from what it seems you all enjoyed writing them.

I am very intrigued by the comfier yet still stylish heels that were mentioned numerous times. I plan on looking into them.

I really want to thank you all for your comments. It shows your support to Go Fit Girl!

I work hard to write intriguing stuff. And many of my posts take hours to write when you include the research I do.

I consider this blog to be “my other job,” which I don’t get paid for. Man, I wish I did.

Maybe one day my blog will get enough ad revenue that I can quit my day job and just devote myself to Go Fit Girl! But for now I will just fit it in when I can (and get up at 5 a.m. for the job that makes me the real bucks).

You are all Go Fit Girls! YEA!!!! Woot-woot!

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And Feet Week concludes …

Well, I think Feet Week has been pretty successful and educational.

I did some research and learned lots of stuff.

And I learned from my readers as well with comments on Go Fit Girl!, Go Fit Girl’s Facebook page and even my personal Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Comment Contest Tuesday. A winner will be announced soon.

As I have said I love pretty shoes and shoes can really make or break an outfit. Apparently they can literally break your foot or cause other damage.

And from the photo at the right, provided by The Art and Science of Kinesiology, you can see what some of us will do to ourselves in the name of fashion.

Tonight I am having dinner with friends. I am driving to their house and then we are walking to the restaurant. So I am wearing my Mary Jane Skechers. They are comfy, great for walking and look fairly cute. These Mary Janes are close to the ones I have.

Weekends usually mean comfy shoes for me. And especially if some walking is going to be involved. Though last night I wore heels when meeting girlfriends for dinner. … Continue reading

The worst shoes for your feet

My friend Amy recently shared this article with me. The article has pictures of various shoes and a paragraph or two explaining the issues withthe type of shoe. (Information for this post came from the above mentioned article.)

According to the article, ultra high heels can lead to ankle sprains and chronic pain. I have a pair of shoes that are 4-4 1/2 inches, pictured to the left. I usually can’t wear them too long. I do sit most of the time at work. So that helps. But forget it if I need to run or even walk quickly. Though somehow I have danced in those things. Many types of heels can also lead to blisters, swelling, bursitis, even pain in the Achilles tendon. Yuck! That doesn’t sound fun. I have definitely had blisters and swelling.

Heels definitely create an unnatural position for your foot. Think Barbie feet. Stress and hairline fractures … Ouch!

Lower heels are better for your feet. The article states that going no higher than 2 inches is best and even that should be in moderation.

Heels can=ankle sprain. I have to say I have definitely been close to a heel ankle sprain. I am a stumbling idiot … Continue reading

Picking out a good pair of athletic shoes

Years ago I went to a store that specifically sold athletic shoes. The woman who helped me measured my foot and asked me what I mostly needed them for. Was I a walker, runner, what kind of exercise did I do?

From what I told her she came up with an athletic shoe that was right for me. These are the Asics she recommended for me.

I also have a pair of clip shoes I wear, which I purchased at REI. Mine are blue. I love wearing clip shoes while spinning. Before I had clip shoes my feet would fall asleep and I would get foot cramps almost every class. Now I just get the sleeping foot and foot cramp only once in awhile.

And I have the barefeet for yoga. No measuring or purchasing required. (Just maybe a pedi now and then.)

I recently bought a new pair of tennis shoes. I am sorry and sad to say I didn’t do any research. And they didn’t have the same style I bought previously. I just went to the store and got a recommendation from the kid selling them. The shoes I got are Asics. I really like … Continue reading

Comment Contest Tuesday

It has been awhile since we have had a Comment Contest Tuesday. So it’s time to get excited. Woot-woot!!!

The theme this week is feet. Yesterday I told you about how I love fun and sassy shoes. I even posted a photo of many of my shoes.

So tell me what are your favorite shoes, your least favorite shoes, the shoes you love wearing, hate wearing? Do you worry about what your shoes are doing to your feet? What are some of your reasons for purchasing your shoes? Any comments or explanations you want to add would be great.

You can comment as much as you want. Each comment in its own post will get your name thrown into the random drawing twice.

To participate in Comment Contest Tuesday you must submit your answers in the comments below. The comment has to be relevant to what I am asking.

You have until Friday, October 21 at noon (my time) to comment away. You have to comment in the comments on Go Fit Girl! I won’t accept e-mails, comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Tell me all about your shoes … please.

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Having fun with shoes

I love shoes. I love fun shoes, cute shoes, pretty shoes, comfy shoes, sassy shoes.

Most of the time when it comes to shoes I believe in fashion over comfort. But not always.

If I know I am going to walking around in the city (San Francisco) a lot I have to have comfy shoes on. I can’t walk for miles up hill in some obnoxious heels. So that is when I wear the Dr. Martens or Skechers.

(I also make sure I have flip flops or Fast Flats when I need a break from the heels. At work I keep a pair of tennis shoes and flip flops in my drawer in case I need them.)

I am also into making sure I have some decent shoes when it comes to exercise. I have my Asics, my clip shoes for when I spin and my barefeet for yoga.

Anyway, I was never really into shoes. After I lost weight and pretty much got a new wardrobe I realized I needed shoes to go with all my new cute clothes. In our neighborhood there is a shoe store called Tootsies. I LOVE shopping there! It can be … Continue reading

It’s feet week

The theme for this week … is feet!

I personally think feet are one of the ugliest parts of our bodies. I would say I have a foot unfettish. My feet are super ticklish. So I hate having them touched.

Probably about six years ago I decided to treat myself to a mani/pedi. I had never had a pedicure before.

I am now a regular of both the mani and the pedi. But I still go nuts when they do the foot scrubbie thing. Eeek.

I have a point here …

So many of us abuse our feet. We wear bad, unsafe, uncomfortable shoes. We stand for too long with bad or good shoes. We don’t wear the right shoes when we exercise. We don’t realize the care we really need to give our feet, which I think includes pedicures and massages.

Our feet have so many pressures points that link to other parts of the body. It is truly amazing how much our feet can affect our health and wellness.

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Go Fit Girl! calling readers for help … please

Last Saturday in spin class we were doing endurance for a full song, which is the norm. The idea is to have a good amount of resistance on and keep the beat while sitting in the saddle. Jenn always tells us we should feel desperate to get out of the saddle. Thighs should be burning and mine usually are.

During the endurance ride Jenn will come around and check and make sure you are on the beat and make sure your resistance isn’t too heavy or too light. When she checked me she told me I was good or perfect or something to that effect. And then she said, you can write about it. That made me laugh. So I am writing about it …

OK, I need to ask my dear readers for some help.

First, one of my readers, Windy, asked me a question. I am calling all moms to help me answer Windy’s question and a few of mine. Moms, how do you do it all?

Also, Penny had asked me a question about toner shoes: Get tight, fit butt with toner shoes. I want to review a pair of toner shoes so I can … Continue reading