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Hydrating with my wacky water bottle

Sorta sticking with the Las Vegas this week … Whenever I travel I always attempt to keep my regular water intake. I regularly drink a lot of water. And my body notices almost immediately when I haven’t had enough. Somewhere like Las Vegas where it is dry, there is alcohol everywhere and just the idea […]

Gettin’ my shredding done

In my massive de-cluttering project a big part of it is the shredding. Ugh, oh, the shredding. The shredder I had before was old and tired. And the shredding was very slow going. So on Thursday night I headed to Office Depot and bought a new shredder. I was willing to pay 100 bucks for […]

Dreading shredding? Uh, YES!

Today the dreaded shredding started. I have piles and piles of paperwork that needs shredding. It appears to be never ending. Some of the shredding is from the de-clutter project and some of it is just the usual paperwork I need to shred, like old receipts and credit card applications and old bills, etc. The […]