Still enjoying my coffee

When I was sick over Christmas and New Year’s I pretty much quit caffeine for that two weeks.

Once I started to feel better I figured I might as well keep the caffeine to the minimum.

I decided to keep my weekend enjoyment of coffee. During the week I planned to have decaf tea and coffee only when I needed it (such as a bad night of sleep the night before) or really wanted it. I was not going to deny myself.

Just like my deal with booze, weekends and times when desperately needed. Or say I am having dinner on a Wednesday night with friends and a glass of wine or beer sounds good with pasta or pizza or sushi. Again, not going to deny myself.

I got sick again at the end of January beginning of February.

Soon after that second cold I had a few bad nights of sleep and found myself having coffee every morning.

For about the past month or so the addiction has returned. And I have decided that I am OK with it. Really, there are worse things I could be ingesting on a daily basis.

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This and that

When I ended my cleanse a week ago I was a little worried that I would gain weight. Well, with food tasting so good. And I had some good meals the past week. Such as delicious welcome lunch on Tuesday at work; lasagna Curt got me at Market Hall the day I called in sick; the fritata he also got me, which I ate the next night for dinner; the amazing brunch, bacon and sangria I had Saturday before the Arizona/Stanford basketball game; and the munchies I had yesterday. I did gain weight, but only 1.2 pounds.

Today I started back with the exercise again by taking Hatha yoga with Baxter.

I packed my work meals for today (and tomorrow) with breakfast, lunch and a snack.

Baxter mentioned something they did in class last week and if we wanted to know about it we could get in a time machine and go back. I mentioned I was sick. Baxter called me out and said that was good. I did the best thing for myself and others in class.

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Getting my caffeine fix

Sunday, January 22 was the last day I had alcohol or caffeine … Between trying to not rely on caffeine, my cleanse and then getting sick I have been “substance” free.

Until yesterday …

I stayed home from work on Wednesday. After a long day of watching TV, movies, lounging, napping, drinking tea and water I was craving an alcoholic beverage. I decided against it.

Yesterday some point at work I just needed a cup of coffee. So I had one. Wow, it tasted so good.

I worked from home this morning. I was in the kitchen getting my cereal ready and about to make some tea when I decided I really wanted some coffee. So I had some. Oh yummy!

The booze intake will happen again sometime this weekend. Definitely Sunday, but possibly tomorrow. Just trying to keep it all in moderation.

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Getting over my cold on the couch

So I stayed home from work today.

I watched TV, movies, napped, lounged on the couch, took one work call … and I feel a lot better.

I am still congested and a little tired. But nothing like I felt yesterday.

OK, enough about me getting better.

So I am still disappointed that I had to quit my cleanse early. But something good did come out of it.

I lost 3.2 pounds over the week. I had no idea it would have that kind of weight loss. And really, I didn’t do the cleanse to lose weight. I had already been eating healthy and losing weight with portion-controlled filling meals and regular exercise.

Since quitting the cleanse everything I eat tastes so good. My first piece of chocolate on Monday was like heaven. So I am a little worried that my hard work will go out the window. But I am working hard to prevent that.

Wish me luck!

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A raw deal

Last night I struggled to eat my dinner green smoothie. But I ate it.

This morning I cracked open my breakfast green smoothie. And it just tasted gross. I took about 10 bites and I just couldn’t do it. So I ditched it and had an apple and banana for breakfast. My goal was to keep it raw.

About 11:30 I cracked open my lunch smoothie. Ugh! I couldn’t do it. I decided that that was it. I was done.

I went downstairs to get a salad and soup for lunch.

I thought about trying my dinner smoothie tonight. But the idea of eating green goopey lawnmower pulp makes me ill.

I did my two transition days. And I did three full days of three smoothies for three meals. I am proud I got that far. I am still disappointed that I couldn’t complete the full seven days.

I think the most impressive part about my cleanse is that I went to our upstairs neighbors’ party for three hours and didn’t eat or drink anything except water. It was tough, but I was determined.

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Back to my yoga practice

I was not happy to go to work today. I am not quite sure why. Maybe it was Monday. Maybe because the past few days I slept in rather late for me. But I had quite the attitude today.

A little after 4 p.m. I wandered down to the area where we wait for the work shuttle. Two co-workers were already there and asked if I wanted to ride back to Emeryville with them. (You need at least three in a car to qualify for carpool.) I said sure and the three of us were off. The traffic was light and we got back rather quickly, which meant I ended up at home about 5.

I had plenty of time to get my clothes picked out and ironed for tomorrow. I also had time to pack my lunch for tomorrow and eat an apple without having to scarf it down.

And then I walked to the yoga studio to take 6 p.m. Hatha class with Baxter. It was my first day back to any sort of exercise in two weeks. And Baxter’s class was a great way to kick off my yoga practice and exercise to get me back on … Continue reading

Calming the nighttime cough

Last night I slathered myself with Vick’s VapoRub. I put it on my chest, my neck, right under my nose (so I would inhale it directly) and rubbed it on my feet, as suggested by Hilda.

After she suggested that I decided to look that up as I had never heard of that before. I trust her because she is a yoga teacher. And anyone who knows anything about yoga knows about how important the feet are and the many pressure points there are as well.

I really couldn’t find anything that completely confirms or denies that Vick’s on the feet is a way to counter a nighttime cough.

But I knew it couldn’t hurt.

So last night soon before I went to bed I slathered on the VapoRub, took a shot of NyQuil and took a hit off my asthma inhaler, which helps calm my cough as I lay down and try to fall asleep.

I still also have my pillows propped up so I am not lying flat while I sleep. (I like to sleep on my back, my stomach and my side. So the pillows prevent me from moving around a lot, too.)

I don’t … Continue reading

Quieting my cough

Most of my posts lately have been about this crappy cold I have. Well, enough already, right? Yea, that’s what I am thinking. (But it ain’t over yet.)

This cold started Christmas night and still lingers. On Friday the cold moved to my chest.

The congestion in my head and nose is almost gone. But I have this annoying cough. I have tried so many different kind of medicines. I am thinking the Mucinex in liquid form is the best medicine so far. And the kinda yucky tasting generic honey lemon cough drops work pretty well.

The past few nights I have slept horribly because I wake up numerous times hacking like a maniac. At some point last night I grabbed an extra pillow from the spare room to prop myself up. I am not sure if it actually worked. (I plan to try three pillows tonight.)

I did a little research today to see if I could find anything to help with my cough, especially while I am trying to sleep (as is The Husband).

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Stepping on the scale for National Weigh In Day

The other day I saw a commercial announcing that today was National Weigh In Day, which is sponsored by Special K.

In the commercial women were jumping on the scale and the results were things like pizazz, confidence, etc. The campaign asked: What will you gain when you lose?

I like the idea of a positive campaign when jumping on the scale and maybe seeing a number one is not super jazzed to see.

I jumped on the scale today.

It had been months since I had stepped on the scale. I didn’t want to know the number so I avoided a scale.

But  in order for me to get back to being healthy and cutting out calories (and a goal is to eat less sugar) I knew I needed to know what I needed to work on and see my actual weight.

I lost 30 pounds before. I know how to lose weight and I know how to maintain. And I don’t have 30 pounds to lose this time around.

I am still sick so this week I am just writing down my food–just to see what I am eating. But my goal is to eat healthier … Continue reading

Happy New Year … from the couch … still with a cold

My staycation has consisted of me nursing a cold all week. Last night the cold started to move into my chest and develop into a cough. The cough seems the worst in the morning and at night.

So I missed spin and abs and body conditioning today.

And I fear I am going to miss the New Year’s Day detox workshop at the yoga studio tomorrow.

I was bummed about missing out on exercise this whole week. But the likelyhood of me missing out tomorrow really bums me out.

Maybe I will make a miraculous recovery in the next 18 hours or so?

Curt and I are heading to Sushiya for dinner tonight and then home for movies and relaxing.

Happy New Year to you all. If you are going out tonight be careful and be safe. And if you do drink and drink too much, please be safe and don’t drive.

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