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Keeping warm with my cold

My staycation has not been entirely ruined by this cold. I still had dinner and dessert with Curt and friends on Monday night; made it to my massage appointment on Tuesday; had lunch (oysters and beer) with Curt in Tomales Bay on Wednesday; and had lunch with friends today. (And Curt and I have late […]

The common cold … sucks

This week off from work (my staycation) the plans were to relax, get some stuff done around the house, have a few meals with friends. There has already been a lot of relaxing. What I didn’t plan for was to get a cold. The cold has thrown some of my plans for a loop. I […]

Eeek! Am I getting sick?

Between being sad and in mourning over Joey, busy personally, busy as the year ends at work I am tired, stressed, drained, etc. I was at Target today shopping for my company’s annual toy drive. At some point I started to notice a slight sore throat. On the drive back to work I realized I […]

Staying healthy during cold, flu season

Flu and cold season is upon us. I got my¬†flu shot at the end of September. My company provides a free flu shot clinic every September/October. I know there are people out there who refuse to get a shot or don’t believe in them. OK, that’s fine. Here are my tips–for those who get flu […]

Should you exercise when sick?

For me, the simple answer is no. When I don’t feel well I don’t work out. I feel that my immune system needs rest and it needs to work on getting healthy and nothing else. I have a slight cold and I haven’t worked out since Sunday. I did a little research to see what […]

Getting over cold and back to exercise routine

Last week I started off the week right with yoga on Sunday and spin on Monday. The plan was to take the evening spin class on Tuesday. But Tuesday afternoon I started to get a sore throat. I decided to err on the side of caution and take it easy that evening. I came home […]

Mini cold

So last week I wasn’t sure if I had allergies or a cold. I think it was a cold, a mini cold is what I like to call it. It wasn’t a full blown cold. And luckily I am feeling almost back to normal. I skipped noon spin class today as I still had a […]

Feeling bleh

I was feeling a little off yesterday. And a little off today. I decided it was best that I didn’t go to the noon spin class. Exercising keeps me healthy. But if I am not feeling well or am definitely sick I know to let my body rest. The body needs to heal. Pushing yourself […]

Getting back in the exercise routine

My plan (after being gone from the gym for 5 weeks: getting sick and then being on vacation) this week was to immediately get back into my regular workout routine. Not sure why I thought that would happen. I guess I was hoping it would since I knew it would help with the jet lag. […]

3 pounds in 3 weeks

(Written Sunday night about 9:30 London time) So about a month ago I started back on plan with tracking points. I was well on my way to hitting goal weight and maybe with a few pounds to spare by the time we came to Europe. Then I got sick … I was hit with a […]