Keeping warm with my cold

My staycation has not been entirely ruined by this cold.

I still had dinner and dessert with Curt and friends on Monday night; made it to my massage appointment on Tuesday; had lunch (oysters and beer) with Curt in Tomales Bay on Wednesday; and had lunch with friends today. (And Curt and I have late lunch/early dinner plans with friends tomorrow.)

But I had all these ideas for getting stuff done around the house. You know those drawers that get out of control or the closet that you can hardly close the doors to or the shredding that has been piling up? Oh, and all the clean up I was planning to do on my personal laptop … Yea, none of that stuff has happened.

And I had an exercise plan for the week, which had to be put on hold. I don’t like to exercise when I am sick. I feel that my energy needs to be used to heel and get better. Plus, do you really want someone hacking or snorting away while in yoga or on the spin bike? Yea, me neither.

I have either been lounging or napping. This cold isn’t too bad. But until today … Continue reading

The common cold … sucks

This week off from work (my staycation) the plans were to relax, get some stuff done around the house, have a few meals with friends.

There has already been a lot of relaxing. What I didn’t plan for was to get a cold. The cold has thrown some of my plans for a loop.

I am bummed that I got sick over my week off. But then it is kinda a blessing as I hope to be well and rested by the time I have to go back to work on Monday.

Every day this week I had plans for some sort of exercise. So far I missed spin yesterday and yoga today.

The last time I was sick I wrote about whether it was best to exercise or not when sick. I don’t exercise when I am sick. I feel that my body needs time to recover and heel and my energy should be spent on getting healthy.

This appears to be a mild cold so I am really hoping I can go to yoga tomorrow night. Curt and I are taking a day trip tomorrow. So we’ll see how I feel when we get back. Sitting or sleeping … Continue reading

Eeek! Am I getting sick?

Between being sad and in mourning over Joey, busy personally, busy as the year ends at work I am tired, stressed, drained, etc.

I was at Target today shopping for my company’s annual toy drive. At some point I started to notice a slight sore throat. On the drive back to work I realized I was super tired.

Oh no! Am I getting sick? It is very likely with everything I have going on right now.

I was going to attend my regular Wednesday night yoga class. But I thought it was best to skip and rest.

Next week at work I am taking an all day leadership training and have materials to read ahead of time. So I am trying to get through that stuff tonight as I should have already had this stuff done.

For myself I believe if you think you are getting sick or you are sick to take it easy, try not to over do it and definitely don’t exercise.

December is already a challenge for me in terms of lots to do, being busy, not exercising as much as I want and eating way too much crap. Now I can top on possibly getting … Continue reading

Staying healthy during cold, flu season

Flu and cold season is upon us.

I got my flu shot at the end of September. My company provides a free flu shot clinic every September/October. I know there are people out there who refuse to get a shot or don’t believe in them. OK, that’s fine.

Here are my tips–for those who get flu shots and those who don’t–on staying as healthy as possible this cold and flu season and all year long:

Wash your hands after you use the toilet. (I know that seems obvious …)

Wash your hands before you eat.

When you cough or sneeze try to use a tissue or your inside elbow.

If you sneeze or cough into your hands, wash them.

If you are sick, please stay home. Don’t bring your germs and cooties to work.

If your kids are sick, please don’t bring them to work because they can’t go to daycare or school. I don’t want their germs or cooties either.

Whenever I clean the bathroom or kitchen I use Clorox wipes to clean counters and toilets, etc. I also use the wipes to clean knobs, light switches, handles, door knobs, anything we touch regularly.

I don’t do this as … Continue reading

Should you exercise when sick?

For me, the simple answer is no. When I don’t feel well I don’t work out. I feel that my immune system needs rest and it needs to work on getting healthy and nothing else.

I have a slight cold and I haven’t worked out since Sunday.

I did a little research to see what experts thought. Some agreed with me and others felt that the common cold was OK to take to the gym.

According to this site, you can exercise if you have a cold, but no fever. Though Dr. Edward T. Laskowski says you should listen to your body.

Dr. Rick Kellerman says, “Even though it may be tempting to not break an exercise routine, working out may actually prolong the illness.”

And Shazia Khan says pretty much the same thing as Dr. Laskowski about how you can exercise if you have no fever and you cold is above the neck.

Liz Applegate says, forget about what you might have heard about trying to perspire your way back to better health.

And WebMD says you can exercise when you have the common cold, but stay home when you have a fever or … Continue reading

Getting over cold and back to exercise routine

Last week I started off the week right with yoga on Sunday and spin on Monday.

The plan was to take the evening spin class on Tuesday. But Tuesday afternoon I started to get a sore throat. I decided to err on the side of caution and take it easy that evening. I came home had a healthy dinner, drank lots of water, took it easy and took some Nyquil for bedtime.

By Wednesday morning I realized I had a mini cold and lucky for me it stayed that way. So I decided for the rest of the week to take it easy.

Friday night was my company holiday party and fortunately for me I felt pretty OK and attended and had a great time. Then Saturday Curt and I headed to Portland and I decided to not even pack workout clothes as I was still a little snotty.

Yesterday I attended yoga and today I took the noon spin class. The class was good and hard and full. Seven–SEVEN–people had to be turned away.

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Mini cold

So last week I wasn’t sure if I had allergies or a cold. I think it was a cold, a mini cold is what I like to call it. It wasn’t a full blown cold. And luckily I am feeling almost back to normal.

I skipped noon spin class today as I still had a little bit of a cough and I didn’t think cardio was the best. I plan to attend the afternoon yoga class tomorrow.

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Feeling bleh

I was feeling a little off yesterday. And a little off today. I decided it was best that I didn’t go to the noon spin class.

Exercising keeps me healthy. But if I am not feeling well or am definitely sick I know to let my body rest. The body needs to heal. Pushing yourself is a bad idea.

So later in the day I started to feel better. But taking a day off from the gym was probably a good thing.

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Getting back in the exercise routine

My plan (after being gone from the gym for 5 weeks: getting sick and then being on vacation) this week was to immediately get back into my regular workout routine. Not sure why I thought that would happen. I guess I was hoping it would since I knew it would help with the jet lag.

I went to spin on Monday. I didn’t work that day. Paid bills, ran errands, did laundry, etc. Didn’t get back to the gym until Saturday (long h0urs at work got in the way of my gym time) for my regular two hours of spin; abs; body conditioning. I was planning to go to the gym this morning. I started to feel sore last night from class and then this morning … OUCH!

Curt and I put our garden in today. That was a major workout in itself. Curt shovels the dirt in the garden and I hoe it. Hoeing is hard work.

The plan is to get back into the workout routine this week. Then I will slowly tackle the calorie intake. That got way out of control while on vacation. So much good food and beer and wine. Not sure if my walking … Continue reading

3 pounds in 3 weeks

(Written Sunday night about 9:30 London time)

So about a month ago I started back on plan with tracking points. I was well on my way to hitting goal weight and maybe with a few pounds to spare by the time we came to Europe.
Then I got sick … I was hit with a pretty bad cold. When I am sick I don’t exercise (must not jeopardize the immune system that is fighting off a cold). And I also pretty much eat anything I want. And I was not missing out on the appetite.
But considering that I ate anything I wanted and didn’t exercise for a whole three weeks the 3-pound gain wasn’t that surprising.
I was hoping to be at goal weight or a little less so that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted while in Europe … which I am gonna do regardless, but maybe with a little guilt. Or maybe not.
We are in London now. And I have been enjoying wine and beer, dessert and big meals.
But there has already been a decent amount of walking. So the weight gain shouldn’t be too bad. (Last time … Continue reading