Milk+cold congestion=bad idea

Last week I had eaten Honey Nut Cheerios dry. On Friday I wanted them with milk. I wanted cereal so much. I decided to have them with milk. Ugh, bad idea. Soon after my congestion increased for the rest of the day.

Today I wanted Raisin Bran. So I bought soy milk at the grocery. It wasn’t quite the same. But at least I could have some cereal without my congestion increasing.

Today was seriously a day of rest. I napped on and off all day. And I am still tired. I will be happy when I finally kick this cold.

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A cold needs rest

Last Friday I started getting a chest thing and a slight cough. I was in denial and told myself it was allergies. When I woke up Saturday I knew it wasn’t allergies, it was a chest cold.

I didn’t go to the gym. Instead I went to work and worked on some files. Once I came home I lounged while watching movies and knitting.

Sunday morning I felt a little crappy. Did my regular grocery shopping. Curt and ran an errand and had lunch. By the time we got home I was exhausted and took a nap. The rest of the evening was lounging, movie watching and knitting. I decided that night I wouldn’t go into work the next day.

Monday was lounging, movie watching, knitting and a little work filing. By Monday evening my chest cold became a full on cold. Tuesday was lounging, movie watching, knitting and one work call.

When I woke up Wednesday morning I was so tired. But I had to at least show up for work for a bit. I went in for about 5 hours. Then I came home and it was lounging, movie watching and knitting. (Yes, getting a little stir crazy.)

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No weekend workouts

So Friday I felt like I might be getting sick. But I thought it could be allergies.

I didn’t go to yoga for a variety of reasons on Friday night. Work allowed us to leave at 1 Friday afternoon. I stayed until about 3. I was tired and just came home. I ended up bringing some filing home and just watching a movie and doing a little work.

Saturday I woke up with some chest cold sort of thing. So I didn’t go to the gym for my two hours of normal Saturday work out.

Normally on Easter Curt and I plant our garden. We didn’t this year because of the rain. And it worked out since I am still not feeling well. It would have been tough to do–that’s a major workout doing all that weeding and tilling, etc.

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To work out or to not work out, that is the question

Yesterday afternoon my throat got a little scratchy and I was feeling really tired.

I can’t tell if I am tired or a cold is coming on. I was in Phoenix over the weekend and didn’t get the best sleep. And the past three nights at home sleep has been disturbed by the crazy storms we have been having. A normal good night’s sleep for me is when I wake up 2-3 times a night.

Last night I took Nyquil before bed and headed to bed early. I slept better than the two nights before that. But not great.

Today at work I felt tired and a little off. From 7 a.m. on (every 3 hours) I took my Zicam.

I didn’t feel super bad, but wondered whether or not I should hit my normal spin class after work. (Yes, this is the reason for this post. Took some time to get here.) It really depended on how I felt at the end of the day. Though if I am getting sick or even exhausted I felt that maybe I shouldn’t go to the gym.

Well, a late meeting pretty much decided that for me.

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Not back on track

So my goal was to get back on track with eating more healthy and getting back on my workout schedule.

Last Monday (Jan. 26) I didn’t have a chance to hit the gym. But I worked out on my mini stair stepper once I got home from work. Did that for a half an hour. Then did crunches, leg lifts, etc. I felt really good afterward.

Then about 9:30 one side of my throat was sore. I went to bed soon after and when I woke up in the middle of the night my whole throat was sore.

Tuesday went into work but felt awful: chills, achy, congested, sore throat, exhausted. So went home early. Wednesday I would have called in. But there was a meeting I didn’t want to miss. So went in for that and then left early again.

My cold is much better. I am still congested and the cold has now moved to my chest. I was hoping to go back to yoga today. But I still felt too crappy for that.

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