Why is there such a need to define size?

Recently a plus-size model was featured on the front of People magazine with the quote: “I’m proud of my size.”

Robyn Lawley is 6’2″ and is a Size 12.

Wikipedia features Robyn in a photo and mentions her throughout the plus-size model article. Also mentioned is: Synonymous and interchangeable with plus-size model is “full-figured model,” “extended-sizes model,” and “outsize model.”

Where do I begin? First, a woman who is at least 6 feet tall and a Size 12 is considered plus size? Wow! Then I was definitely a fatso years ago before I lost my 30+ pounds at 5’3″.

Second, I find the term plus size offensive. The other terms mentioned above I find even worse than plus size.

Why is there a need to define someone who has excess weight, curves, a big butt, thicker thighs, is tall, isn’t super skinny? We don’t call thin models a super-skinny model. They are just models.

In October of 2006 I was at my highest weight ever. I didn’t feel good about myself. I hated shopping and buying clothes because I had to try them on and nothing ever looked good. I wasn’t obese but could definitely be healthier with … Continue reading

Skinny doesn’t mean healthy

I used to be considered skinny. I hate that term. To me it has a negative connotation.

According to Merriam-Webster, skinny means lacking sufficient flesh, very thin, emaciated; lacking usual or desirable bulk, quantity, qualities or significance.

But it seems like so many of us strive to be skinny. Why is that? Why do we think this looks better than this?

So here is the skinny on skinny …

A skinny person can have a high metabolism. So they think they can eat anything they want and they won’t gain weight. (That used to be me. I could eat or drink pretty much whatever I wanted and not gain weight.) But that doesn’t mean that skinny person is healthy.

Have you heard the term skinny fat? Skinny fat means a person looks thin but has a high body fat percentage. That can be dangerous.

Someone who ingests a lot of fat and calories and carbohydrates can have health issues. Someone who eats too much fat can be at risk for heart disease. Too many carbs can contribute to conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, according to Livestrong.

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Who is Go Fit Girl!?

Recently a few people have mentioned to me that they didn’t realize the Go Fit Girl! posts I was linking to on Facebook were written by me. I think they just thought I was posting these awesome blog writings from this awesome person known as Go Fit Girl! Well, that is true, right?

So for those of you don’t know who I am, here is a little bit about me: Go Fit Girl! aka Ann:

A little more than four years ago I lost 30 pounds.

Most of my life I have been considered “skinny”. (I hate that word.) Once I hit 25 and sat at a desk for 8+ hours a shift I started to develop OA (office ass). (Kate, thanks for that term. I use it often.)

The first 20 pounds I lost were just from counting Points® with Weight Watchers®, which is essentially counting calories. So with reducing my caloric and fat intake I lost weight.

The last 10 pounds lost were with counting Points® and exercise.

I love food. And I live in an amazing part of the U.S. where I can experience all kinds of foods and restaurants. (Like tonight, The Husband and I … Continue reading