Protecting skin from sun, environment from chemicals

Growing up in Tucson, Ariz., my goal in life as a teenager was to have the best tan.

When you are 12-15 years old there is not much else to do in the summer but go to the park pool and glisten in the sun and do some babysitting.

I pretty much never wore sunscreen and was even known to slather myself in baby oil in order to “bake” quicker.

I am horrified that I did that. But in those days I never really burned. My nose and shoulders would get a little red. But that was pretty much the extent.

About seven years ago Curt met me in San Diego for a weekend after I attended a training. We went to the beach one day and a ballgame the next. Beach day we were out there about three hours.

I didn’t wear sunscreen. Wow, I got burned. That had never really happened to me before.

As a result of that day I now wear sunscreen when sunbathing. As we age and change environments (I haven’t lived in my hometown in about 15 years) our skin changes.

Curt and I signed up for an all-day snorkeling trip excursion, which was … Continue reading

Exercising while on vacation

Another great thing about Club Med is there are activities for just about everyone.

(And if your thing is to just lounge at the beach and drink, there’s plenty of that for you. That’s my favorite pastime.)

Like most trips I brought exercise clothes with me. And about half the time they don’t leave the suitcase. This trip seems to be turning out that way.

Besides, sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba and other water activities “regular” exercise classes are also offered along with a gym.

There’s power walking, stretching (which I think is kinda like yoga, but since I haven’t gone I am not certain), abs and butts, Zumba, boot camp, water aerobics, etc.

There is also the circus where I tried doing tricks on the trampoline. It’s fun, but man, is that a work out. I probably did 15 minutes on the trampoline and then took a break before trying the trapeze.

The beginners got a quick lesson on how to stand, hold the bar and the few tricks we were going to do.

The scariest part for me was when I had to grab the bar with my second hand. That meant I was trusting someone to hold on … Continue reading