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Working through sore muscles

Last night and most of today I have been doing what I call the “old lady walk.” On Thursday night I worked out with Jenn and Monica. I am pretty much sore all over. But my thighs and butt are what are really feeling it. I knew after the hour-long program we did I would […]

Working sore butt muscles, cramps

Yesterday in body conditioning we did a lot of squat and lunge work. I hate doing that stuff. But it is also the work I need most. We did walking lunges and squats with kickback. I don’t know if it was the combo of the two or the evil squats with kickback but my booty […]

Sore, tired body

This will be a short post as I am tired and well, just bleh. Tuesday night Jenn and I did some weight work on our back and shoulders (among other stuff). Yesterday I worked from home so I attended the Power Vinyasa yoga class at the studio in my neighborhood. Naushon really had us focus […]

Don’t forget to stretch

Wow, I was feeling yesterday’s gym class today. My butt, legs and arm sockets? (I guess it’s part of the pectoral muscles) were sore today. It was a pretty busy day in the office today. I had to keep myself on track and get a lot done with the goal of taking the 4:15 shuttle […]

Hatha Yoga on Sunday morning

This morning I attended the Hatha Yoga class instead of Vinyasa because we had brunch plans with out of state friends. Hatha isn’t as intense as my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. But it was a good class and I like the teacher. I have had her as a sub before and she teaches the Sunday […]

Spinning out sore muscles

I went to the noon spin class today. It was a small class. Only four of us total, including the teacher. But it was a good workout. And it was even tougher than normal since my gracilis muscles were super sore. I think it is my gracilis. Looks like it from this muscle chart I […]

Moving around like an old lady

We did some crazy squats (lunges, too) yesterday in body conditioning. And man, am I sore today. The later the day goes the more pain I am in. The longer I sit the harder it is for me to get up and move around. But it is a good kind of sore. Now if that […]

Yoga sore

Friday evening yoga was a good work out. I didn’t realize how good until yesterday and today. At the end of spin yesterday we were stretching. We did the whole arm/chest stretch with arms behind the back. Wow, at that point I realized how sore my shoulders were. (I think it was all the vinyasa […]

Sore back and sore butt

I noticed yesterday evening that my lower back was sore, a good sore. Like I worked out hard and now I am sore. This morning I noticed that my butt is sore. It all has to be from my yoga class yesterday morning. And I think the Wheel or Upward Bow was the culprit. So […]