Look out Venus and Serena!

Or maybe not.

Erica and I recently were discussing over e-mail about whether or not your thighs get bigger because of spin.

I have noticed recently that some of my pants seem tight in the thighs (pretty much all of my pants are tight in the butt area–that has always been an issue for me since I have a big butt and hips). And I am still on track with my weight maintenance.

I did some research online. I found some sites that said your thighs and butt do get bigger with spin. And others that said that wasn’t the case.

So I went to my best source, my spin teacher, Jennifer. She says your thighs don’t get bigger because of spin. Yes, they can get more muscular and toned, but not bigger. She didn’t have an answer to why some of my pants are tighter in the thigh area.

So, hmmm. Wonder why our pants are tighter?

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2 hours

I worked out for two hours yesterday. For someone who doesn’t like working out too much that is damn good.

Saturday mornings I take spin. Then after that my spin instructor teaches a half an hour abs/core class. With the new fall schedule a sculpting/conditioning 30 minute class was added after abs/core, also taught by Jennifer. So I stayed for that class, too.

My arms are sore today. I still can’t believe I worked out for two hours.

But it meant I could eat all my pasta last night for dinner. (It didn’t mean I could eat all of my pasta for lunch today. But I did anyway.)

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Stair stepper

We are out of town this weekend. Good ol’ Portland, Oregon.

It is tough to keep up with a healthy lifestyle when not at home.

But I did check beforehand if our hotel had a gym. It does.

I just came back from the little gym. Just three cardio machines and three weight machines. But better than nothing.

I have never been a fan of the stair stepper. But the treadmill was in use and I really didn’t want to do the bike (tho. I could have pretended I was in spin). The stair stepper ended up being a great workout. I burned more than 200 calories in 30 minutes and climbed 226 floors! Unfortunately there was no where for my trashy celebrity news to go. And I was a little worried because my iPod was in the red of the charge. I didn’t bring a charger. So tomorrow I will have to use my iPhone. I think I can handle that.

We are meeting friends for brunch in a bit. I plan on trying to stick with maybe some egg whites and fruit salad as the rest of the day will be a challenge in the food department.

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6 times

My goal every week is to workout six times a week. Usually it is more like four to five times.
But this past week I worked out six times:

Monday: yoga
Tuesday: yoga
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: kickboxing
Friday: yoga
Saturday: spin; abs/core

My normal sked is 3 yoga classes a week and 3 cardio: kickboxing, spin and advanced body conditioning (Wednesday evenings).

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You come to this class because you want to work hard

That is what my spin teacher, Jennifer, said one time.

I have to say spin is the hardest class I have ever taken. But I make myself go. It is an amazing cardio workout.

After spin Jennifer teaches an abs/core half an hour class. That is a great class, too.

So that is what I did this morning. I feel good. I may need a nap in a bit.

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I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Sunrise Spin this morning. The class started at 6:15 a.m. Yes, that is hard to imagine.

Somehow I got my butt up and out of bed at 5:35 a.m.

It was a tough workout. But it was good. The instructor was really great.

I am gonna try to go next Tuesday. We’ll see.

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Spinning for a good cause

I take an abs/core class on Saturdays at my gym. The teacher also teaches a spin class right before the abs/core class.

Next Saturday is Spinning Nation, four 1-hour classes of spin to benefit the charities Prostate Cancer Foundation Athletes for a Cure; AIDS Research Alliance; Cancer Schmancer Movement.

I have taken beginner’s spin and it was tough. Jennifer, my teacher, is encouraging me to take her spin class next week.

She told me donations are great, too. And I think I may just do it.

I have already made a donation to her.
If you are interested in Spinning Nation, click here.

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Downward Dog anyone?

So after about a week and half of not being at the gym I went back today. I did yoga this morning. And my friend Alex joined me. It felt really good to stretch and move again.

Tomorrow the plan is to do a cardio machine. I wanted to do the spin class, but I am going to take it slow. Plus I am still a little congested and coughing. But it is definitely a whole lot better.

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You Spin Me Round …

… not quite like a Record.

I took a beginner spin class at the gym last night. Talk about killer! I took a spin class a long time ago when we still lived in Phx. and that class kicked my butt. Thankfully my gym has a half hour class for newbies.

Let’s just say I will be taking the beginner class for a long time. The instructor told us the regular class is 4 times as hard. OK, just discourage me to take that one why don’t you! (My co-worker Judy and I took the class together. That made it a little easier, too.)

It was an amazing cardio workout. I was sweating like a pig and concentrating on my breathing and holding my body the right way on the bike. It was a lot of work.

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