Thanks, Piedmont and farewell

There are so many great things about taking yoga classes, especially at a studio. Establishing a yoga community is such an important part of the practice.

While in Oakland I regularly took classes from two yoga studios.

Piedmont Yoga Studio is where I did my yoga teacher training and also took classes from teachers who were also teaching me how to be a yoga teacher.

On Saturday Piedmont Yoga Studio will close its physical doors.

In 1987 Piedmont Yoga Studio was founded by Rodney Yee, Richard Rosen and Claire Finn.

Until recently I regularly took classes from Richard. In November I took a master yoga class with Rodney Yee and his wife Colleen Saidman when they were in town. And earlier this month I took a class with Claire Finn. I told her after class that I had to make sure I took yoga classes with all three of the original Piedmont founders.

Piedmont will become “a studio beyond walls that is open and accessible to all.” You can read more about that here.

Even though I was only part of the Piedmont community for a little more than a year I have an attachment to it, what it represents and the … Continue reading

Respecting the trademark

Before leaving my job in September I was a patent and trademark paralegal.

A big part of my job was educating fellow employees on proper trademark usage of our word marks and logos.

Once something is trademarked it can last forever as long as the owner uses it and protects it. If you don’t protect your trademark you can lose your trademark and the word can become generic and available for anyone to use, such as aspirin.

I recently took the SPINNING® teacher training (and after taking and passing a test I became certified). To prepare for my day of teacher training I read the SPINNING® manual ahead of time, as advised.

While I was reading the manual I discovered that SPINNING® is a registered trademark. Before I read that manual I had no idea it was a trademark and assumed it was a generic term for indoor cycling. (Indoor cycling is the generic term.)

I also just recently found out that Mad Dogg Athletics, who owns SPINNING®, recently had their European SPINNING® trademark canceled.

According to this article from INTA (International Trademark Association), the Cancellation Division found that SPINNING® had become the common name in the trade in the Czech Republic market as a type of exercise training and the … Continue reading

Review Wednesday: Spotify

A little more than a month ago I took the SPINNING® teacher training. Soon after that I took the test (and passed), which made me a certified SPINNING® teacher.

One of my indoor cycling teachers has been my mentor and personal cheerleader through me becoming a yoga teacher and now an indoor cycling teacher.

One of the things he recommended was Spotify for my music for classes.

I have a good and varied selection of music in my iTunes library. But as a teacher of any sort of exercise class you need to keep it new and fresh. Buying songs regularly can get quite pricey.

I had heard of Spotify but had never used it. (It is now on my iPhone, iPad mini and laptop.)

You can use Spotify for free. But there are ads and you can’t play your music offline (meaning, if you aren’t on wifi you can’t play the music). Neither of those work for teaching an exercise class.

If you want to play your music offline, you have to hit the available offline button on each device for each playlist, including your song library.

Spotify gives you a free week of premium (no ads and you can play … Continue reading

My epic teaching day

Sunday was an epic teaching day for me.

I taught my first official indoor cycling class.

Wikipedia defines indoor cycling as an organized activity, a form of exercise with classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity (race days) and recovery, and involves using a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting.

Wikipedia also mentions that indoor cycling is commonly called spinning. This is true. But SPINNING® is a trademarked term and must be used correctly. I plan to write a post later on explaining this.

I had taught three impromptu classes when there was confusion about the class schedule around Thanksgiving and another time when the regular teacher had to cancel class. I just played my music and we went with it.

Sunday my playlist of music was planned out and how we rode to each song with hills, sprints, endurance, seated, standing, running, etc.

I had a pretty full class with about 12 students. (The most you can have at my gym is 16 if all bikes are in the room and in working order.)

I had many friends there to support me and another cycling teacher who has been my mentor and … Continue reading

Review Wednesday: Fitbit Flex

Previously I wrote a review for the Fitbit Zip. I loved it so much that I asked for a Fitbit Flex for my birthday.

I love my Fitbit Flex. I wear it around my wrist like a watch or bracelet.

It does a lot of what the Zip does with a few added features.

It counts your steps (miles), which can calculate calories. The Flex syncs to an app and a website. On the app and website you can track calories in and calories out, you can track your weight and activity (which will adjust calories out).

My favorite feature is that the Flex tracks your sleep. You can see when you are asleep, awake and restless. It also has a silent, vibrating alarm.

When you hit your daily goal of 10,000 steps the bracelet lights up and vibrates in celebration. It’s fun.

It took me time to get used to the fact that on the Flex I can’t see what my steps, miles and calories are, unless I go to the app or website. But if you tap the bracelet it lights up and shows you the percentage you are up to to getting to your … Continue reading