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Wheel of Yoga

I skipped my Sunday Vinyasa Yoga class today to have brunch with Curt and some friends. We had a good time and delicious food. Since I didn’t go to yoga today I wanted to do something that counted toward exercise. I would have probably skipped entirely, but I didn’t exercise on Tuesday because of a […]

Not back on track

So my goal was to get back on track with eating more healthy and getting back on my workout schedule. Last Monday (Jan. 26) I didn’t have a chance to hit the gym. But I worked out on my mini stair stepper once I got home from work. Did that for a half an hour. […]

My yoga mat went with me to West Chester …

and came home having never come out of my suitcase. I received a mini stepper for Christmas from Curt. So for the days when I am too lazy to go to the gym or when I want a little extra workout I have my mini stepper to do some cardio while watching TV. I am […]

Stair stepper

We are out of town this weekend. Good ol’ Portland, Oregon. It is tough to keep up with a healthy lifestyle when not at home. But I did check beforehand if our hotel had a gym. It does. I just came back from the little gym. Just three cardio machines and three weight machines. But […]