Taking the stairs

If you had the option to take four flights of stairs up or the elevator, what would you do?

For me it would depend on how I was feeling and what shoes I was wearing.

I think we all know that there is a benefit to walking up stairs. I mean, there are machines at the gym for this activity.

Is there a benefit to going down the stairs?

This New York Times blog post says, since you’ll burn less than a third as many calories going down a flight as going up, don’t count on walking down to build fitness or shed fat. Still, you use different muscles going down, and they contract differently at that, so going down does make a contribution to your legs.

The blog post also says, since every little bit of exercise is a step forward on the long road to health, walking down stairs is also a plus. But while gravity makes walking up tough, it makes walking down easy on the heart.

The article, 8 reasons to Incorporate Stairs into Your Workout, states that walking up and down stairs every day can tone your legs in no time. Click here to … Continue reading

Dealing with higher altitude

Who knew I would have things to write about while on vacation?

As soon as we got to Iris and David’s on Sunday night David poured all of us a glass of bottled water. He told us to make sure to have lots of water because of the altitude.

Normally I drink a good amount of water daily. But when I am on vacation or out of my routine I tend to slack on the water intake. So this will be a challenge for me.

David asked me if I could feel the altitude as I walked upstairs to the guest room. I told him no and asked what that would feel like. Apparently heavy breathing and a faster heart beat are some of the symptoms.

The altitude in Mexico City is 7,350 feet. The mile high city, Denver, is 5,280 feet.

According to Wikipedia, Altitude sickness—also known as acute mountain sickness (AMS), altitude illness, hypobaropathy, or soroche—is a pathological effect of high altitude on humans, caused by acute exposure to low partial pressure of oxygen at high altitude. It commonly occurs above 2,400 metres (8,000 feet).[1][2] It presents as a collection of nonspecific symptoms, acquired at high altitude or in low air … Continue reading

Staying on track … or not

This past week I was in Tucson for a family matter: My 90-year-old grandpa had a tumor removed from his colon on Tuesday. Surgery is serious for everyone.

But for a 90-year old, well, that’s another story. I decided it was important for me to be home to visit with my grandpa and be there before, during and after the surgery for my grandpa, me, my dad and my family.

The week before I went out to Tucson I had started back on Weight Watchers Online. My first week on plan went well.

I debated on whether to try to continue on plan or to make it OK for myself to be off plan for the week. I decided to not worry about what I was eating and whether or not I was exercising (which I didn’t do once, unless you count taking the stairs at the hospital).

A great friend and avid reader and supporter, Jen, tried to post a comment on my post I love my family via her iPhone. She had difficulty. So instead she posted it on Go Fit Girl’s Facebook page.

Jen wrote: There’s always one food/fitness thing near and dear to my heart: stress … Continue reading

Working through sore muscles

Last night and most of today I have been doing what I call the “old lady walk.”

On Thursday night I worked out with Jenn and Monica. I am pretty much sore all over. But my thighs and butt are what are really feeling it.

I knew after the hour-long program we did I would be feeling it later on. All day yesterday I could feel it deep in my muscles. I went to yoga last night and it was difficult.

Before I went to bed last night I was doing the “old lady walk.”

I did a little more than 10 minutes of stair climbing today before spin as part of a work wellness challenge. Spin was tougher than normal with the sore butt, thighs and abs. Then my usual 30 minutes of abs. I was gonna skip out on body conditioning as I didn’t think I could handle weights or squats or lunges. I did the class. But wow, that hurt.

I have been switching back and forth between ibuprofen and Aleve. I have also been using my heating pad, which I normally use for my back pain and cramps.

In this WebMD article, it mentions … Continue reading

Tackling stairs and storage unit at once

I am taking an extra long weekend for myself and just to get some stuff done.

I went to our storage unit yesterday to continue with my de-cluttering project.

When I first arrived it appeared worse than I thought. But once I started working on it I realized it really wasn’t that bad. For some reason we had a lot of empty boxes sitting in the unit.

I was only at the storage place for about an hour. I took a bunch of stuff home with me: including some stuff to go through at home and many boxes to break down and recycle.

As I was going up and down the stair ladder I realized I was getting some extra exercise in.

As I have mentioned before we have a new wellness program at work. Each participant makes goals and takes on challenges.

One of the challenges is to get 25 minutes of stairs in a week. There is also an extra 10 challenge. I initially didn’t take on this challenge as I already exercise so much I couldn’t possibly add 10 more minutes to my already aggressive routine.

But with the stair challenge I am also tackling the extra … Continue reading

My fitness competitiveness comes out

Sorry that I have been a little absent lately. Work has been nuts. Tuesday and Wednesday I had to come home and do a little work. So really by the time I was done with that I had no interest in blogging. Let’s just say I am glad this week is almost over. I am exhausted.

OK, now on to the real post …

I am not typically a competitive person (except when it comes to playing the game Taboo) and apparently when it comes to the wellness program at work and the ongoing and multiple challenges we have going on.

I am involved in many fitness challenges at the moment.

First the century mile: I have already hit and far exceeded the 100-mile goal. My personal goal is to hit 500 miles by the end date of the challenge. After spinning today I am now at 414 miles with a little more than a week to go.

Second is climb the stairs. The goal to reach each week is to walk the stairs for 25 minutes a week. Another challenge is to add 10 minutes to your exercise three times a week. Originally I didn’t accept this challenge … Continue reading

Go Fit Girl! is gettin fancy

Go Fit Girl! is getting high-tech. And really, it is all owed to my well-paid (ha ha!) IT/webmaster “online boy.”

Curt got Go Fit Girl! a new hosting service, a new look and we are getting fancy. You can now comment on the blog using your sign on for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Pretty awesome.

Take a look around, comment. Let me know what you think: what you like, don’t like, etc. If you are having issues commenting please let me know via e-mail ann@gofitgirl.com or even via Facebook.

We are still tinkering with it. It will eventually be where we want it to be.

I know I haven’t been blogging as much lately. But don’t fear. I have lots of ideas brewing in my head and lots of things I want to write about, research and explore. So keep coming back.


In the transition of moving the blog from one hosting service to another two of my posts dropped off. Bummer.

Because they were genius (ha! yea, right) I thought I would summarize them here for you.

The first post was about how I went 47 days without eating candy. My co-worker Jessica gave up candy for Lent. As … Continue reading

Check out Go Fit Girl’s new look

My IT/Webmaster consultant (aka The Husband who also answers to Curt) has done some tinkering with Go Fit Girl!

We are still working out some kinks. (Some of my recent posts went missing. And I think they are good as gone, which I am bummed about. Those things take time to write and research. But enough pouting. If you want to know about how I didn’t eat candy for 47 days or how I rarely take the stairs at work … well, maybe I can recreate when I am feeling up to it.)

Please be patient as we make adjustments and changes.

Let me know what you think of the new look, whether in comments or via e-mail to ann@gofitgirl.com.

Thanks to all of my faithful, occasional and new readers. You are all appreciated.

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