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Impressing the doctor

I had my annual physical today. I have a great doctor. She takes that little bit of time with you–what maybe 10-15 minutes to talk to you and listen. She was impressed that I have kept the weight off. It has been almost three years. She was impressed that I work out regularly (4-6 times […]

Find your edge in yoga

Find your edge. Listen to your body. No pain no gain. Which one doesn’t belong (in yoga)? Today my yoga teacher Sarah told us to find our edge and also to listen to our bodies. In yoga you find your edge and then back off a little. You should only do what your body is […]

Yoga to end the workweek

I was crazy busy at the end of my workday but I made sure I was outta there at 5:10 so I could make my 5:30 yoga class, which I hadn’t attended in something like 6 weeks. It was a good class. Tough, but good. The air doesn’t seem to be working in the classroom. […]