Undoing with new chapter

Life is a balancing act … believe in yourself …

Leap and the net will appear.

Happy wife … happy life.

Today is the first day of what I am referring to as FUNemployment.

I quit my job of nine years and yesterday was my last day in the corporate world.

(The top two lines come from cards I have recently received from loved ones. The third line I probably stole from, oh dear god do I dare say, Dr. Phil.)

Today I started a new chapter and I am “undoing.”

In my yoga class last night our theme was about undoing. It seemed so appropriate for me and this new … adventure I am taking on.

Baxter has his students set an intention at the beginning of each yoga class. I love setting an intention. (I have written about it a few times. Here’s one of my past posts.)

Last night I set it for myself and reminded myself of the undoing I need to do for myself and be OK with it and to embark on this new chapter.

I’ve been called brave, gutsy, courageous … I’ve been told I am doing … Continue reading

Comment Contest Tuesday announcement

Thank you to everyone who participated in the most recent Comment Contest Tuesday.

The Comment Contest Tuesday was connected to Go Fit Girl’s September Monthly Challenge where GFG! readers were asked to come up with healthy ways to improve their lifestyle that they don’t have time for.

Recently in my yoga teacher training we are learning to ask ourselves What is important for me? What are my priorities? What do I want to make time for?

For the Comment Contest Tuesday I asked my readers to post their challenges and for others to come up with advice and solutions.

There were so many great comments. The best part for me was to see my readers to be so supportive of one another. It was beautiful and amazing.

I am not a mom, so I can only give so much advice to those who struggle with their time for themselves, their children, job, etc.

It will take me some time to sort out the winners. Yes, I said, winners. This Comment Contest Tuesday has multiple prizes.

Thanks again to those who participated to show support to Go Fit Girl! I asked my readers to make a commitment to be … Continue reading

Take Them a Meal

I feel like cancer is affecting so many people I know and care about.

One of my friends, who is younger than I am, is battling testicular caner.

I think we can all agree that cancer just sucks!

My friend lives in Oregon. Curt and I are showing support as much as we can even though we aren’t nearby.

One of my friends set up a meal online sign-up sheet with Take Them a Meal. It’s a meal coordination where basic information can be shared about the meals needed for the recipient(s) and others can see who is taking care of dinner on what day and what they are bringing.

I, of course, can’t hand deliver a meal. But the site offers meal delivery services. So by today my friend and his family should have had a meal delivered from us.

I plan to sign up a few times to deliver meals as his chemo continues.

This website can be used to coordinate meals for anyone you want. For someone who is sick, for someone who just had a baby, for someone who just underwent surgery, for someone who is going through chemo …

It’s easy to create a … Continue reading

Getting out of my comfort zone

I recently joined my company’s Toastmasters Club.

Do you know what Toastmasters is? It’s s supportive group, which helps individuals work on leadership and communication skills.

I am an outgoing and friendly person. I am comfortable meeting new people. And I am confident in most social situations. But I have a paralyzing fear when talking in front of a group.

My heart starts racing, I get nervous, I get super warm and a little flustered. My mouth gets dry. I get tunnel vision. I can’t wait until I am no longer in the “spot light.”

I joined Toastmasters to help me with my communication skills. To become more comfortable speaking in front of others. To help focus those jitters on something else. To help me prepare for a training I have to do later this year.

There are many roles individuals can take on with Toastmasters.

Yesterday, I took on my very first role as General Evaluator. The General Evaluator evaluates the whole meeting.

According to the Toastmasters website, the General Evaluator gets the chance to practice and improve skills in critical thinking, planning, preparation and organization, time management, motivation and team building.

I was nervous. But if you … Continue reading

Being a Worry Wort can cause some serious issues

“I am an old man and I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened” –  Mark Twain

The stats vary … 95% 92% 85% 40% … of what we worry about never actually happens. I heard a quote on the radio the other day that 95% of what we worry about never actually happens.

I am a worrier for sure.

I play many scenarios in my head and get upset for no reason. And yup, most of those scenarios never actually become reality.

After hearing the 95% stat I decided to research it and that’s when I found various percentage stats …

Regardless of the number most of our worries never actually happen.

Statistics coming out of 12 Techniques to Stop Worrying (I couldn’t find an attribution to the stats):

  • 40% never happens.
  • 30% of what we worry about has already happened.
  • 12% are needless worries.
  • 10% are petty and unimportant.
  • 8% of what we worry about actually happens. Of this percentage…
  • 4% of our worries that happen are beyond our control.
  • 4% of what we worry about we have some if not all control over the results.

Worrying can cause … Continue reading

Want to shop AND support your favorite health, fitness blogger?

Remember earlier this week when I said there was a way you could support Go Fit Girl! even more than you already do as a reader (and hopefully as a commenter)?

Well, today I am going to tell you how you can fully support GFG!

Go Fit Girl! has her own Amazon store. You can use that <– link or you can go to the About page on the blog or you can click on any item in the My Favorites you see to the right –> on the blog.

By buying items from the Go Fit Girl! Amazon store  you are showing extra support.

Go Fit Girl!’s Webmaster (aka The Husband) and I will continually add items to the store. I am already working on more items to add.

If there is something you want to see in the store just let me know and we can add it. You can post the item in the comments section or e-mail me the link at ann@gofitgirl.com

And thanks again to all of my readers, for your comments and your support. It means so much to me.

Now let’s start shopping!

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Are you inspired by Go Fit Girl!?

Recently I debated if I should keep up with the Go Fit Girl! blog. It’s a decent amount of work. I consider it my second job, which I don’t get paid for, and it is rather time-consuming.

I do enjoy maintaining it and doing the research and learning things and sharing it all with my readers. But I had started to wonder if it was worth it.

I love getting comments. But I rarely get them.

Occasionally I hold something called Comment Contest Tuesday to generate comments and get my readers more involved. But I have to say it is like pulling teeth to get people to comment. And with Comment Contest Tuesday my readers have a chance to win a prize. Seems pretty easy to me.

When you comment you have to give your name and e-mail address. Only your name is published. And it doesn’t have to be your full name or your real name.

The reason you have to fill in your e-mail is to help eliminate spammers. I won’t ever share your e-mail. And the only time I use it is to alert you that you won the random drawing for Comment Contest Tuesday and to … Continue reading

And the latest Comment Contest Tuesday winner is …

… Nicole!

The last Comment Contest Tuesday was more than a month ago. I apologize for my tardiness in announcing the winner. Nicole was informed of her winner status recently. Nicole, your Amazon gift card should be sitting in your inbox.

The April Comment Contest Tuesday asked my readers to tell me what you liked about the new look of the blog and any suggestions. My Webmaster (aka The Husband) and I are working to implement many of the suggestions. Eventually it will be exactly how we want. But it takes time.

Thanks again to everyone who commented and especially for the suggestions.

My reader support means so much to me. Truly.

Be prepared for the next Comment Contest Tuesday coming soon. I am excited about this one. Go Fit Girl’s yoga expert will be taking your questions. Make sure to keep checking back for that Comment Contest Tuesday … coming soon.

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