Review Wednesday: Certain Dri

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I am an excessive underarm sweater/perspier.

I have tried a variety of deodorants and anti-perspirants and nothing has worked that well. And I have ruined a lot of shirts.

Recently a friend/co-worker told me about Certain Dri, an anti-perspirant, which claims to be clinical strength.

I decided to at least give it a try. And so far it seems to be working for me.

I have been using it for about a month and the underarm sweat has been drastically reduced.

I got the roll on at Target. It contains 12% aluminum chloride, which, according to the package insert, is prescribed to those with hyperhidrosis or excessive perspiration. Aluminum chloride works to shrink and close off underarm pores.

The package inset says when using Certain Dri nature simply and safely redistributes the perspiration to the rest of the body’s skin surface.

According to an article on Discovery Fit & Health, aluminum chloride in high concentrations may ultimately shrink the sweat gland, decreasing the amount of sweat it can produce.

The FDA requires that over-the-counter anti-perspirants … Continue reading

I earned my beer at the gym

Tonight my friend Monica and I decided to try a class fellow gym friends have been raving about. One of our friends has lost 6 pounds by taking the class, is so much more tone and her booty looks amazing!

This is how the In-Shape City site describes Total Athletic Conditioning: A full body workout with an emphasis on increasing Cardio, Endurance, Strength, Agility and Balance. (50) Minutes of continuous movement with a Sports Conditioning Approach. It’s really 60 minutes and then we stretch.

Wow, talk about an amazing cardio and strength workout. We were drenched in sweat, tired and felt good.

There was a lot of jumping, lunges, weights, squats, kicks …

Tomorrow late morning I have a doctor’s appointment to get some vaccines before we go to Mexico City next month. One of the shots is a tetanus and pertussis shot. So my arm will be sore afterward and I won’t be able to go to my regular Friday night yoga class. I thought about taking the 6:30 a.m. class. Then I looked at the schedule and see that it is the same instructor as tonight and Total Athletic Conditioning. I asked Will about it. He said the … Continue reading

Sweating with the yogis

I realize my blogging has been minimal lately. I am either too lazy to blog or too busy. One extreme or the other. No fear–I will get back into my flow, soon, I hope.

Because tomorrow is a holiday, today it was a half day at work. So I worked from home.

Because of my early day I was able to attend Sean‘s 4:30 Vinyasa class. I rarely get to take his class because I just can’t be there on time.

His class is always challenging, always sweaty and always pushes me. But at the same time he encourages his class to listen to their body and take a break when needed.

Sean’s class today was probably the sweatiest I have ever gotten in a yoga class. And I have taken many sweaty yoga classes.

I was sweating so much that it was getting in my eyes and up my nose. I told Sean I had trouble breathing because the sweat was going right up my nose. His response, I take that as a compliment.

He did mention to us at the end of class that he wished he could give us the 10-15 minute savasana we earned … Continue reading

Socks, feet and toes

With an REI gift card I recently purchased a yoga mat bag, a special yoga/sweat towel and some new socks.

After all of these years of exercising and spinning and I hadn’t given much thought to the socks I wore. I have fun little shorty socks. But they don’t give much cushion, support or protection.

And sometimes they rub or not protect my feet so well and I end up with a slight blister or sore spot.

Almost two years ago I bought some adidas socks while at an adidas store in the city. They are decent socks.

But I wanted to look into buying some better socks. The cycle socks are pretty expensive. I looked at the running socks and they were a little more reasonable. I got a couple of REI brand pairs and two pairs of Wigwam socks.

I LOVE the Wigwam socks. They are cushioned and feel so good, whether I am spinning, walking or even just wearing my Chuck Taylors. I will definitely be buying more of these socks. Two pair are so worth the 18 bucks.

Feet are such an important part of our bodies. And we abuse them so much. I … Continue reading

Dry nose remedies

(Be warned: Some of the pics associated with the articles I link up not are not exactly appealing. I mean they aren’t grotesque, just remember it is noses.)

It was either last Thursday or Friday while in Las Vegas that I noticed that my nose was really dry. I have never had a bloody nose before but I felt like I was about to get one. I was pretty sure it had to do with the dry environment.

Almost a week later my nose is still feeling dry.

I did a little research to find ways to “cure” my dry nose. Such as keeping hydrated, using a saline solution or even a humidifier.

When I was discussing my dry nose with Jen while still in Vegas she mentioned the saline solution. I just can’t do that. I have this thing with not wanting to put anything up my nose, which includes inhalers, sprays and drugs!

I also thought about using petroleum jelly. This article on Livestrong mentions petroleum jelly is OK in small doses and as long as it is used for a short period of time. Apparently it can be inhaled into the lungs. Yuck. I used … Continue reading

Burning thighs … er … sore hips


My work schedule has been a little weird this week.

I worked from home yesterday. And today we were allowed to leave work a little early after being treated to an amazing seafood lunch. (See lobster photo to the left.)

Yesterday morning I took a yoga class from the yoga studio, Namaste Yoga Studio in my neighborhood, where I regularly go about 3-4 times a week.

I took Naushon’s Power Vinyasa, which I have taken a few other times. But it is not a regular class for me, as her times don’t normally fit in my schedule. Talk about a sweaty class. I am talking … dripping sweat.

And it is slightly deceiving … we start in Child’s Pose. Well, believe me that doesn’t last long. Her class is very active and did I say sweaty? It’s an amazing practice and workout.

Because I was home about 3 today I was able to attend Sean’s Vinyasa class. He used to teach at my gym. And then I started attending a Sunday class at the studio, which he taught. He no longer teaches on Sundays, but was replaced by Ashley who is pretty awesome. Sean’s class is active and … Continue reading

Yoga produces sweat and tears

Tonight I attended Forrest Yoga. It was the last class being taught by Kristen. She is opening her own yoga studio and will be concentrating on opening that in the next two months or so.

Forrest Yoga is an amazing and intense experience. Some of it I really enjoy. Some of it I could pass on. With any yoga class, but for me especially with Forrest Yoga it can be an emotional experience. I think as you are learning about your body while doing some intense stuff and releasing toxins while dripping sweat can all add to that experience.

Today was a slightly tough day for me. Work was fine. I actually got more completed than I thought I would, which happens a lot when I work from home. And I am actually a little excited about one of the many projects I am working on right now.

Joey, my 17-year-old man furbaby, had an appointment at the vet this morning. Joey needs a check up every six months because he is an old man. He gets his geriatric profile and diabetic testing.

Joey hates getting into his carrier. And I had to do it by myself this … Continue reading

Gettin’ sweaty for the holiday

For the holiday, Namaste had just one class today. The normal Monday 10 a.m. class was held today, which I can’t normally attend because of that work thing. It was Power Vinyasa.

Wow, I thought the Forrest Yoga class on Friday was hot and sweaty. But class today was the sweatiest yoga class I have taken.

It was a good class. There was a lot of movement and it was tough. Those are the best kind of classes.

Now I can eat my tacos and drink my beer later with less guilt. 🙂 (The parents of one of our friends who recently got engaged is having an engagement party later today. No barbecue today–but tacos. We are OK with that. Yum!)

Today marks Day 13 of exercise in a row. Let’s see how long I can go before I break the trend. I do believe you need a day off from exercise. And I do strive to work out 4-6 times a week, always hoping for 6 times a week with a day off. But I feel good with my schedule right now.

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Hip openers

Today in Vinyasa Yoga class with Ashley we did our regular heated flows. After about 45 minutes to an hour of the flows and sweat we usually concentrate on something, whether it is working a specific part of the body or working on an inversion.

Today we worked on some intense hip openers with variations of Pigeon and Square.

We did one hip opener/restorative pose before savasana.

My hips aren’t as open as I would like. So I especially appreciate when class concentrates on opening of the hips. I can’t say I love Pigeon Pose. But for some reason I always want to do that pose and am happy when the instructor asks us to get into that pose.

One of my least favorite poses is Happy Baby, which is also a hip opener and another pose we did today. We also did that pose on Wednesday night. Baxter made a joke about whether or not we are happy in the pose. I have to say, I never am. I have no issues getting into the pose. But once it is time to get out I feel stuck. It’s a pretty intense pose for me.

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Sweaty weekend

As I blogged yesterday, I worked out for my usual two hours at the gym: spin, abs and body conditioning.

Last night one of my fellow spin friends hosted a party at her house. There was good food, good wine and good company. Eventually it turned into a dance party. Oh man, it was so much fun. But my legs were still tired from my earlier workout. We danced the night away. It was fun but tiring and super sweaty.

This morning I took a morning Vinyasa Yoga class. The heat in that class gets turned up slightly–between 75 and 80 degrees. But man, does it get sweaty. It was a good workout.

My arms are pretty sore from the weights yesterday. I think the heat and the actual yoga practice helps to loosen my muscles–work through the soreness.

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