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7 minutes turns into 45

The exercise challenge in this month’s Monthly Challenge is to try out The Scientific 7-Minute Workout. The timing of the routine itself I don’t agree with. But with some modifications I think it is a good and legit exercise routine. My recommendation is to do each exercise for a minute instead of the 30 seconds […]

America’s Next Pole Dancer?

My good friend Monica is getting married next month. Her bachelorette party was on Saturday. Because my mom was in town I couldn’t participate in most of the activities. But the one I did participate in was the pole dancing class. Talk about some sweaty exercise. There were probably about 15 of us participating. There […]

All by myself

The shuttle schedule at work recently changed. The second shuttle switched from leaving South San Francisco at 5:35 to leaving at 6:10. That’s a huge difference and makes for an even longer day than I already have. In the past I would be done with work about 4 and head down to the gym until […]

We’re talkin’ hair today

I had an entirely different post planned today. While I was huffing and puffing and riding on the espinner I came up with tonight’s post, which would have lead into a couple of posts this week. Tomorrow’s was going to be a Comment Contest Tuesday post … and then I remembered that today is Tuesday. […]

Intense, sweaty holiday yoga

At Namaste yoga studio there was only one class because of the holiday. I attended the 10 a.m. Power Vinyasa class. Power Vinyasa is an intense, hard, good, hot, sweaty, always moving class. Sweat was literally dripping off of me during class. My top was soaked (see pic to the left) as was the towel […]

Yoga subs are great way to experience the new, different

Today my Vinyasa Flow class had a sub. The class was taught by Emily. I like her style. I have taken class from her before. After class I told her I enjoyed her class and style. She told me the type of yoga it was, which I don’t remember now what it was called. I […]

Hot, steamy shower

A hot, steamy shower was not what I had after spin class today. Not that I normally do, it is usually lukewarm and I try not to touch anything while I am in the shower stall and I have to wear flip flops. Not the greatest shower experience, but it is still a shower. Spin […]

Hot, sweaty Zumba

Man, Zumba is getting more and more fun. I am feeling more comfortable with the steps and moves. And class today seemed more intermediate than beginner. Maybe because it is getting a little more advanced I was really sweatin’. My shirt was drenched. I almost need to wear one of those sweatband things. (Check out […]

Zumba for the uncoordinated

Tonight I tried Zumba for the very first time. My gym just started the class tonight. And it was a blast! I am not very coordinated, so a lot of classes like that are tough for me (I so suck at step). But since this was a brand new class Heidi started out pretty basic, […]

Sweaty, burning thighs …

side pain; cramps in both feet; tornado fan fizzles out; major cardio workout. Spin was pretty tough tonight. Boku really worked us hard. I started riding and then at some point I climbed off my bike to turn on the tornado fan. It cranked up and the air started moving. And then all of a […]