7 minutes turns into 45

The exercise challenge in this month’s Monthly Challenge is to try out The Scientific 7-Minute Workout.

The timing of the routine itself I don’t agree with. But with some modifications I think it is a good and legit exercise routine.

My recommendation is to do each exercise for a minute instead of the 30 seconds the article states. And I also think to make it a good exercise routine is to do the routine three times instead of just once.

I finally had a chance to try out the routine on Thursday night.

I performed each exercise for a minute and I did the routine three times. It came out to about a 45-minute exercise routine. It was tough and sweaty and definitely a full workout. I was sore the next day.

Because I was using my phone for music and it was attached to my arm I didn’t have exact time on each exercise. So I just counted.

The original article states that between each exercise a rest should be done. I don’t think you need to rest between each one. But when you need to take a little break you should. I know I did, which is … Continue reading

America’s Next Pole Dancer?

My good friend Monica is getting married next month. Her bachelorette party was on Saturday.

Because my mom was in town I couldn’t participate in most of the activities. But the one I did participate in was the pole dancing class.

Talk about some sweaty exercise.

There were probably about 15 of us participating. There were five poles set up. The instructor would show us a simple routine around the pole and then have us each try it out.

We learned a few routines and then put them all together for a “sexy” dance. We also did some booty popping. If you want to look for videos you can look yourself. Just realize it is at your own risk.

Working the stripper pole is a lot harder than it looks. You have to have strong arms, strong legs, strong core, strong back …

I think my regular yoga practice helped with my pole dancing practice. I am not super coordinated. But the routines were simple. And I seem to have some sort of odd focus and calmness while trying out the various routines and tricks.

And for some reason I am really good at fireman, which is where you … Continue reading

All by myself

The shuttle schedule at work recently changed. The second shuttle switched from leaving South San Francisco at 5:35 to leaving at 6:10. That’s a huge difference and makes for an even longer day than I already have.

In the past I would be done with work about 4 and head down to the gym until the 5:35 shuttle arrived. (Or I take the 4:15 shuttle home and hit a 6 p.m. yoga class.)

But 6:10? That’s just too late. And that means I would get home around 7:30, possibly later. That doesn’t work out too well when I have to go to bed between 9:30 and 10 to get up at 5:30. And when I get home I have to shower, make dinner, eat dinner, get gym bag ready for the next day along with work clothes and blog. Whew! Oh, and if I am lucky relax a little with some TV watching, reading or knitting.

So today for the first time in a long time I headed to the gym and did a workout 100% all by myself. (Cue Bridget Jones. OK, it wasn’t that dramatic. But that movie and scene crack me up.)

I prefer classes as … Continue reading

We’re talkin’ hair today

I had an entirely different post planned today. While I was huffing and puffing and riding on the espinner I came up with tonight’s post, which would have lead into a couple of posts this week. Tomorrow’s was going to be a Comment Contest Tuesday post … and then I remembered that today is Tuesday. I am thrown off by the 3-day weekend.

Slight tangent … I got on the work shuttle today to go back toward home. I kinda generally announced, well, at least tomorrow is Wednesday. I couldn’t believe the overwhelming response of joy.

OK, back to my post, which was the second idea I had. I am gonna talk about my hair. Yea, it kinda sorta fits into the health and fitness category.

I have a lot of hair. It gets in the way when I exercise. When I spin I pull it back in a ponytail and then braid it. If I leave it loose, that hair is bouncing all over the place. Annoying and distracting.

As I was lazy (and tired) this morning I just pulled my hair back in a bun type thing on my head. I got a lot of compliments on my … Continue reading

Intense, sweaty holiday yoga

At Namaste yoga studio there was only one class because of the holiday. I attended the 10 a.m. Power Vinyasa class.

Power Vinyasa is an intense, hard, good, hot, sweaty, always moving class. Sweat was literally dripping off of me during class. My top was soaked (see pic to the left) as was the towel I brought to wipe up my sweat.

The class was packed today. We had a little more than 40 in the tiny studio. Our mats were an inch to 2 inches from each other.

After class I was tired, exhausted, soaked and hungry. I came home and took a quick shower. And then Curt and I headed out for brunch and a beer.

Between a full meal, an intense workout and the one beer I was ready for a nap. And so that is what I did.


Yesterday we had Emily sub for Ashley’s Vinyasa Flow class. Emily told me the type of yoga she taught us. But I couldn’t remember the name. I found out she teaches Jivamukti Flow, which is a Vinyasa style practice, according to About.com. And that makes total sense since I thought it was taking a Vinyasa Flow.

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Yoga subs are great way to experience the new, different

Today my Vinyasa Flow class had a sub. The class was taught by Emily. I like her style. I have taken class from her before.

After class I told her I enjoyed her class and style. She told me the type of yoga it was, which I don’t remember now what it was called. I found it funny that I didn’t realize that it wasn’t actually a Vinyasa Flow class.

The type of yoga Emily teaches apparently isn’t really being taught in the East Bay. I hope she becomes a regular instructor at Namaste.

Regardless, the class was good, tough, sweaty, intriguing and I learned something about me and my practice. If most or all those factors come into a class it means it was a good practice for me.

When we were meditating at the end of class Emily read us something (many teachers do this):

The Dalai Lama was asked what surprised him most about humanity:


Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.

Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.

And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;

the result being that he does not … Continue reading

Hot, steamy shower

A hot, steamy shower was not what I had after spin class today. Not that I normally do, it is usually lukewarm and I try not to touch anything while I am in the shower stall and I have to wear flip flops. Not the greatest shower experience, but it is still a shower.

Spin was a good and hard and sweaty workout, as usual. Once class was over I headed to the locker room for a quick shower before heading back to work. I get there and there are signs posted stating that the toilets and the showers are out of order!

There are two noon classes at the gym. And both are intense with sweaty people as a result. I did the sink shower the best I could. No one ever mentioned that I was stinky today after I returned to work. So I think I pulled it off.

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Hot, sweaty Zumba

Man, Zumba is getting more and more fun. I am feeling more comfortable with the steps and moves. And class today seemed more intermediate than beginner.

Maybe because it is getting a little more advanced I was really sweatin’. My shirt was drenched. I almost need to wear one of those sweatband things. (Check out this crazy sweatband.) I don’t really care what other people think–but I would feel like a total dork with one of those. And I already kinda feel like a dork in Zumba class. Though today I felt less dorky.

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Zumba for the uncoordinated

Tonight I tried Zumba for the very first time. My gym just started the class tonight. And it was a blast!

I am not very coordinated, so a lot of classes like that are tough for me (I so suck at step). But since this was a brand new class Heidi started out pretty basic, which I still had a few issues with. But I got into it. Man, what a workout. I was sweaty, tired and had a lot of fun.  I plan on taking the class again.

There was a lot of hip shaking–which works when you got the hips. There were a lot of other things shaking, too. HA!

If you don’t know what Zumba is, you can watch this short video, which gives you a good idea.

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Sweaty, burning thighs …

side pain; cramps in both feet; tornado fan fizzles out; major cardio workout.

Spin was pretty tough tonight. Boku really worked us hard. I started riding and then at some point I climbed off my bike to turn on the tornado fan. It cranked up and the air started moving. And then all of a sudden it shut off. I have no idea what happened. (We tested it after class and it seemed OK. Who know? Let’s see how Thursday goes.) So let’s just say that class got really sweaty. (Luckily the side fans were on so I didn’t completely die.) Right after the fan died I got a cramp in my right foot, that went away and then I got one in my left foot. Soon after that a side pain, which luckily didn’t last long. Our fat burning was pretty intense tonight–my thighs were on fire. Forty-five seconds at 90 percent is intense.

After class I came home and showered. Then I was ready to make dinner. I was going to make veggie/shrimp stir fry. But then I noticed Saucy Scallops Curt had gotten at Trader Joe’s. So I made those along with some brown rice. I figured … Continue reading