Sundays off

Today was my last day regularly teaching on Sundays.

I made a decision for me. I needed another day off. I needed to be able to spend more time with The Husband. I needed to be able to sleep in on Sundays. I needed to be able to make a brunch on Sundays with out-of-town friends.

I am exhausted and tired and can’t be the best teacher I can teaching so much and not having more time off for me.

When I told my students I was giving up my classes it was so hard to do. I got teary. But I told them this is not about them, it’s about me.

It has to be about me.

I am considered a full-time teacher with five weekly cycle classes and 10 (some private) weekly yoga classes. (Even with the adjustment in my schedule I am considered full time.)

I only had Tuesdays off. And even though I don’t normally teach Tuesdays (I try to reserve that date for me) I still have a lot to do in order to teach: writing up/finalizing and practicing a yoga sequence for the coming week (after likely doing hours of research/reading/planning over the weekend); … Continue reading

Birthday weekend celebration

I spent my birthday weekend in Napa. There was lots of good food eaten and wine drank and beer and mimosas.

After spin class on Saturday Curt and I headed up to the Napa Valley. We had lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant. There were wine tastings at Mumm and Andretti, where I am a member. So all the tastings I want.

There was dinner (yea for mac and cheese!) and beers and brunch and mimosas. And more beer at McNally’s and sushi and beer to end the weekend.

I took today off for a mental health day. I spent the morning lounging and then headed to the noon spin class, which used to be a regular class for me before my company moved.

I almost skipped spin today to keep the lazy on. But I knew I would regret not going.

Four other regulars, plus, of course, Jenn, were there and all of those I consider good  friends. We were all chatty and having a good time right before and as class started.

I just felt happy and in a great mood. Not something I normally feel when at spin or really exercising in general. It was … Continue reading