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Taking on the teaching

After returning from a visit with the family in Tucson I jumped into my teaching gig at LA Fitness. On Wednesday night I taught a yoga class. Usually right before I teach a new class I get a little nervous. My students were kind and welcoming and the nerves went away rather quickly. I felt […]

The BIG decision

Near the end of my yoga teacher training we did a fantasy exercise. We pretended that we were at a reunion together a year later and we talked about what we had done over the past year since graduation. Baxter said if you said it out loud and as if you had actually done it […]

What a bummer!

My morning yoga classes recently got a new teacher, new to the class but not the gym. The class was bummed when Sarah left after a year. We got James at the beginning of the year/month. James is definitely more difficult and pushes more. I was really starting to get into his class and enjoy […]