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Working those butts, hips & thighs

I have struggled with the exercise part of this month’s Monthly Challenge. (And a little with the water part since I have was traveling and drinking a lot of beer. But I am back on track with the water intake.) Travel usually makes it difficult for me to keep up with healthy lifestyle, including regular […]

Squats, lunges & water for May’s Monthly Challenge

One of the things that stuck with me with last month’s challenge was that a few mentioned they liked that it could be done at home. I know for a variety of reasons people can’t get to a gym or yoga studio. I will do my best for future challenges to make it accessible for […]

Happy Hour Yoga

The regular Friday evening yoga teacher, Suraya, at my gym is pretty great. But I also love when Ken subs. He refers to the Friday evening yoga as Happy Hour. I love his teaching style. It was an amazing workout. Man, my thighs were burning and I can still feel that yoga. (Could be the […]

Simplicity, patience, compassion

Today we had a sub, Ken, in yoga. Our regular Mon/Wed a.m. teacher, Sarah, is off getting married/honeymooning for the next few weeks. Ken teaches the Saturday late morning yoga class. I have seen him before but never taken his class. I really liked his style. He had us holding some poses for a long […]

Look out Venus and Serena!

Or maybe not. Erica and I recently were discussing over e-mail about whether or not your thighs get bigger because of spin. I have noticed recently that some of my pants seem tight in the thighs (pretty much all of my pants are tight in the butt area–that has always been an issue for me […]