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And GFG! is back on break …

And not a Ross/Rachel kind of break. Earlier this week I wrote about how I needed to take a break from the blog to focus on packing and the impending move. I posted a farewell post yesterday and am now back on break. Have to get a few last minute things done before the movers arrive in […]

GFG! is taking a break …

And not a Ross/Rachel kind of break. As GFG! and The Husband get ready for the big move this week I need to focus on the last bit of packing and all that comes with it … including the stress and OMG! Am I going to run out of time before Thursday arrives? UGH! There will […]

Removing toothpaste from clothing

My girlfriend Monica recently asked me if I knew how to get toothpaste out of clothing. Don’t you hate when you are dressed and you brush your teeth and you get a spot of toothpaste on your top? You rub and rub and it doesn’t come off. This is definitely frustrating. And either you don’t […]