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5 visits to the gym

Today is Day 7 of my week. Mondays start over for tracking food and a weigh-in. If I weigh-in on Mondays, which I won’t tomorrow. (Since I won’t be at work.) Sundays are normally my day off from working out. I thought about working out today. But then I decided to sleep in and be […]

Making better food choices

Today was Day 1 of getting back to maintaining a healthier way of eating/living/exercising. (And I really needed to detox after the way I have been eating lately, especially this past weekend. There was a lot of eating out, drinking, having deliciously unhealthy food. I wish I didn’t love cheese so much.) I had oatmeal […]

Weight Watchers really works

As you know I lost 30+ pounds about three years ago. I lost the first 20 pounds on counting Points(r) alone–so making better food choices and reducing my calorie/fat intake. The last 10ish pounds I lost with food and exercise. Probably for about two years I kept the weight off. Recently I put a little […]

Staying on track with eating, exercise creates weight loss

Yea, I know I have sucked … at keeping Go Fit Girl! updated. But I have been awesome in my eating habits, exercise and weight loss. I have been pretty diligent in tracking my food and keeping it rather reasonable. I am just 2.4 pounds away from my goal weight. That is the closest I […]

Counting calories helps with weight loss

I recently bought the Tap & Track app for my iPhone. So for the past week I have been tracking calories I consume and calories I “earn” with exercise. The idea is similar to what I was doing with Weight Watchers. I just decided to try something new. Plus I always have my phone with […]

A serving of pasta

The other night I was cooking some whole wheat pasta and needed to measure how much I was consuming. (I have been counting calories since Monday. Will write about how that is going later on.) The box says a serving is 2 ounces. Since I don’t have a food scale I have no idea how […]

Find your edge in yoga

Find your edge. Listen to your body. No pain no gain. Which one doesn’t belong (in yoga)? Today my yoga teacher Sarah told us to find our edge and also to listen to our bodies. In yoga you find your edge and then back off a little. You should only do what your body is […]

A healthy body needs sleep, exercise, good food

This getting back on track thing is harder than I thought. In the food area so far so good. Though I am not tracking my food and I should be. But whatever. (And I should be using the new app I bought, Tap & Track, at 2:30 in the morning on Monday when I couldn’t […]

Guest Post: Alexa

Confessions of a Foodie (back) on the Weight Watchers Bandwagon I’m the kind of girl who considers cooking her most favorite hobby. Roasting, baking, braising, slow cooking, barbecueing, grilling, smoking, canning, preserving, butter making–this is what I like to do with my free time. In fact, in order to get fresher ingredients, I ripped out […]

12 lbs??!!

For the past week I have been tracking my food. I have been doing pretty well if I do say so myself. Avoiding many temptations. Saturdays are the days I weigh myself, at the gym. According to that crappy scale I gained 12 pounds in a week, which I know isn’t true or else none […]