Training, travel and all that comes with it

As I am writing this I am sitting at a restaurant at the Oakland airport waiting for my flight to Dallas.

I am attending the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting. The past two years I have attended the Trademark Administrator’s Conference. But because they are revamping that conference/training there is not one this year. So I decided to attend the annual meeting.

This is a great learning opportunity for me along with networking. Tomorrow and Sunday I am attending all day training on international trademark law, which is something I really want to focus on and understand better.

(Have I ever mentioned my occupation? I am a patent and trademark paralegal at a biotech. Feel free to check out Onyx Pharmaceuticals. And yes, if you are confused, I did get a degree in journalism and worked in newspapers for seven years. )

There are some sessions Monday through Wednesday that interest me along with networking and meeting up with a friend or two along with lots of parties. AND I am in Texas, so you know I am gonna get some barbecue.

For the next week and a half I have given myself permission to eat and drink … Continue reading

Leadership Development for Women

On Thursday and Friday I went to a training in the city: Leadership Development for Women.

I believe furthing ourselves with education is important. And lucky for me my company (and old boss) feels the same way.

The group of women who attended this training were truly remarkable and amazing people and women. Everyone was strong, smart and determined.

I learned a lot about myself and some of my co-workers. I learned to empower myself (more than I even have recently) and I have figured out to push myself with a friendly competitor.

A description from the course page: This hands-on course shows you how to strategically use your strengths and abilities—your competitive edge—while mastering your emotions in even the most unwelcoming atmosphere.

I am not intentionally giving a plug to the American Management Association. But they do have some good and relevant trainings for just about anyone. I have attended other leadership/management and benefited from them.

But there was something more about this training. It was empowering.

I believe the women attending made the training even more remarkable. Our instructor, Kathryn, was a great asset to the class. We were able to use real life examples and help each … Continue reading

Guest Post: Monica

How to walk 30 miles a week … without being an athlete!

I decided four months ago that I wanted to do the 3-day walk for breast cancer. Whatever possessed me to walk 60 miles in three days, train six days a week, and wake up early on Saturdays just to go walking I’ll never know!

Maybe I’m just crazy or have too much expendable energy (my boyfriend is a big believer in this). Whatever the reason I’m signed up and now (almost) an athlete with 1-2 hour long walks during the work week and devoting 4-5 hours every weekend to my new favorite activity of walking! From this I have come up with simple rules for the non-athlete walkers among us:

1. Always bring enough water: This seems simple but I almost always run out, most coffee shops will give you a free refill.

2. Walk with a pack: Most women’s workout gear is designed to have ZERO pockets (this may be for the benefit of mankind at the gym, pockets get in the way of a good view of your behind) so its best to have something to put water and other items in.

3. Bring your cell … Continue reading