It’s go time

The Husband and I are traveling to Tucson for Christmas … by car.

We decided to drive as it is expensive to fly to Tucson and even more so for Christmas. We will need a car while in Tucson and for the second part of our trip to San Diego.

I am not a huge fan of long car rides. I have some back issues and sitting for a long period of time can be quite uncomfortable for my lower back. But I think Curt will be doing the majority of the driving, which means I can shift around a little more and my back should get some relief.

I plan to try out working on the chair yoga mini sequence, which Baxter has recommended and wrote about on his blog (along with others) Yoga for Healthy Aging.

So that should hopefully help with my back issues. And I am sure a few stops to stretch out my back will also help.

My other challenge/issue is my water intake. I normally drink a lot of water. But when you drink a lot of water you also have to pee a lot. We can’t possibly stop every 30 minutes for me … Continue reading

Going home for the holidays

I am going home for Christmas.

This makes me happy and also I have been feeling the stress before it even gets here. I love my family very much.

Earlier this year The Husband asked if I wanted to back to Tucson for Christmas. Without hesitation I flatly said no.

But then in June my 90-year-old grandpa had surgery. I decided I needed to be home for the surgery to be there for my grandpa, my dad and for me. Luckily all went well and my tasks for the week were to visit my grandpa as much as I could in the hospital and make sure my dad and his wife’s dog wasn’t neglected–which mostly meant drop-offs and pick-ups at doggie daycare.

After that experience I decided that I needed to come home for Christmas. I am lucky to still have two grandparents: my dad’s dad and my mom’s mom.

And Curt’s parents are joining us for a warm Christmas in Arizona, which they are very excited about. And that makes me happy.

According to the article, Fighting Festive Stress and Conflict, we should try to “maintain and manage” relationships rather than reinvent them at this time of year. … Continue reading

Dealing with expected/unexpected challenges

On Saturday I wrote about how I had an upcoming challenging week: dinners, lunches, possible lack of exercise.

Sometimes we can plan for our challenges other times they are a surprise. I try to take them all in stride and accept that sometimes you fall off the wagon. At some point you get back on and as long as you do all is good.

Well, I had an unexpected additional challenge hit me this week.

I was hit by what I am calling a mini-cold. Luckily I didn’t get bogged down by a major cold. But I have had the congestion, I feel tired and my eyes hurt a little. I had a headache one day.

I feel lucky because many  I know have gotten hit pretty bad. But my mini-cold was annoying enough to interfere in my life somewhat.

I did attend the Monday night work holiday dinner and Tuesday’s White Elephant/Ugly Sweater Contest lunch. (My ugly sweater tied with the trees and I was awarded with a fruit cake, which I gave away immediately.)

I had planned to go out on Thursday to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday. But by the time Thursday hit I was pretty tired … Continue reading

‘Tis the season to indulge

And my crazy December really kicks in. The first week was relatively calm.

Today Curt and I are hosting a little gathering with a few friends called Cheesemas. We eat cheese and watch cheesy holiday movies. The first movie stars Rob Lowe called The Christmas Shoes. We ALWAYS watch it. The commentary is what makes our gathering a little raunchy. You have to have a wicked sense of humor to stomach most of it.

Anyway, there is a lot of cheese eating and drinking and a good time.

Then next week the challenges really kick into full swing with two work dinners, a work White Elephant lunch and a cocktail party over the weekend.

Monday night is our team holiday dinner. It will be at a nice restaurant with good food and wine. And that also means I will miss my regular gym class. I initially decided it would be OK for me to miss the gym as long as I make it to the gym 3-4 times this coming week I will meet the December Monthly Challenge.

But then I realized that there was no reason I couldn’t exercise at the gym on site. I haven’t decided if … Continue reading

Don’t forget to breathe

Ah, the holidays are upon us.

Tomorrow is the unofficial launch of the holiday season.

I heard on the radio this morning that tonight is the busiest night for bars.

I searched on Google to find more information about this. Many cities did stories on it. The one I decided to open came from Tucson, my hometown, and said: Traditionally when Thanksgiving comes around our family and old friends are around and we tend to want to go out and celebrate or just have a good time. Most are on holiday or off of work by some means.

For many this season is not filled with joy or fun or good times. It can be stressful, exhausting, unhappy …

I do love this time of year. I love having a tree and seeing the lights and just the feelings I get from it. I didn’t used to love it. I used to work retail and then I worked in newspapers, where there is no such thing as a holiday. News happens 24/7.

Curt and I are staying home for Thanksgiving. Our friends Jim and Jennifer, who usually join us, just moved to Indiana. Our friends Jacob and Aileen are in … Continue reading

Right back at it

I spent the past weekend visiting with my in-laws in Missouri. It was fairly relaxing and some good quality family time with my two nephews, mother- and father-in-law, brother-in-law and The Husband.

Visiting Missouri means some amazing home-cooked meals from Marilyn, my mother-in-law, with a few things sprinkled in here and there from Ed.

Over the long weekend we had delicious items such as pork tenderloin, pumpkin pie, rib eye, hash brown casserole (which I plan to make for Thanksgiving), ham, wine, beer …

You get the idea.

Marilyn and I did practice yoga once together. We were hoping to practice at least once or twice more. We had one afternoon to ourselves and I thought about suggesting a yoga practice. But we were having such a nice visit chatting away that I preferred that.

Yesterday Curt and I got home at a decent hour. I had time to get my work bag and clothes ready for the rest of the workweek. And I had time to hit my regular 6 p.m. yoga class.

Unfortunately Vickie was not teaching. But most subs are great. And the one last night gave me a harder practice than I planned for. But … Continue reading

Home practice while in Missouri

I am in Missouri this weekend visiting my in-laws.

Being married to a hunter makes it an annual tradition to come out for the opening of deer season. My brother-in-law and his sons are here for the weekend as well.

I brought my travel yoga mat with me in the hopes of practicing a few times.

Marilyn, my mother-in-law, asked if we could practice yoga together today.

I was happy to oblige.

The two of us took a break from the hustle and bustle of the house and went down to the basement with our yoga mats, some of my yoga music and a few ideas I had.

We were probably down there an hour. We worked on stretching out our lower backs, a little balancing and some stretching. Before getting into savasana, we stretched out in banana, which is a great stretching pose.

It was a great home practice for the both of us. I taught Marilyn a few things and I got to have a buddy while practicing.

I look forward to another practice or two with Marilyn this weekend.

Continue reading

Longing for regular, healthy routine

So the Go Fit Girl! October Monthly Challenge has been really tough for me. (Click here to take you to the Facebook event.)

I am having a hard time for a variety of reasons: birthday; Oakland A’s playoff games; many dinners eating out; travel; Charlotte; work conference where vendors and law firms wine and dine.

In addition to all of the things I just listed I am having a bumpy time in life. It’s nothing major. But you know how sometimes you encounter bumps and hurdles?

Well, I am in that mode right now.

I have been drinking way more than normal, drinking a lot more caffeine, eating super unhealthy and rarely exercising.

I am looking forward to Monday when I plan to get out of this funk and rally back to my routine and healthy lifestyle.

I will be back to my regular exercise routine along with getting back to cooking meals for myself and eating so much better.

And I also plan to be back to my regular blogging routine as well.

This weekend I plan to nap, lounge, relax but also get some things done that I have been neglecting around the house. Oh, and … Continue reading

Is yoga possible while 30,000 feet in the air?

I flew out to Charlotte on Friday.

I can experience lower back pain, especially when sitting or standing for a long period of time. So sitting on a plane is not always pleasant for me.

Almost immediately into my roughly 5-hour flight to the East Coast my lower back started to ache.

Once I was no longer sleeping I used my neck pillow as lumbar support and that seemed to help ease the discomfort.

I was kicking myself (well, not literally, because really I could only kick the seat in front of me and that person would not be happy) for not reading Baxter’s post on chair yoga, which he wrote for the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog.

I have now reviewed the post and think some of the poses are going to be more difficult in a small, cramped coach seat on a plane.

But I think some are definitely possible. Such as Chair Cat; Chair Twist; Supported Forward Bend. Chair Seated Forward Bend/Hip Opener and Chair Backbend might be doable, but just a little more difficult as the yogi would need a little more space, especially in the seated forward bend.

I fly back tomorrow morning. And … Continue reading

Having an unhealthy good time

Please note: This post was meant to go up last night. But I was having some technical difficulties getting my photos. So you get it this morning.

I used to be a very unhealthy person.

Now I consider myself fairly healthy.

The past couple of weeks I have ditched the healthy lifestyle because of travel, fun and a recent birthday. (Which I got to work tonight at a steakhouse and get some yummy chocolates and candle in a strawberry while also enjoying an amazing steak with fun friends, new and old.)

I am in Charlotte for a trademark conference/training. While here vendors and friends wine and dine you.

I have been staying up late, eating and drinking a lot more than usual, drinking way more caffeine than the norm and there has been some major snacking. And exercise has been minimal.

There has been some great networking and hanging out with my super fun UK friends, Harry and Iana. (They are lawbreakers!)

Even  though I am really enjoying hanging out with fun people … I feel really tired and unhealthy at the moment.

How do people maintain lifestyles like this all the time? I realized recently that when I was … Continue reading