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Staying hydrated

Whenever I travel I usually don’t drink enough water and get dehydrated rather quickly. And once your body is used to a good amount of water even not having enough one day can make a difference. Curt and I flew out Saturday and I have stayed pretty hydrated since, including the plane trip. Luckily the […]

Spin class is a stress reliever

I am in major stress load. Between trying to get things done at work, not having a working computer at work (working on a loaner laptop–two days so far), trying to get things done around the house before we take off for Europe on Saturday and the fact that my boss has a new boss […]

Another bag of baby carrots

I did my weekly weigh-in today and dropped another 2 pounds. I am really proud of how well I am doing. It isn’t hard to lose–you just need the knowledge and I do have to say a little will power. I need to be back to a reasonable weight before heading to Europe in about […]

Guest Post: Alicia

I was recently in Boston, spending six fun days with my friend Debbie. Traveling not only means seeing different parts of the country or world, but it also means trying the different foods that the area is known for. With all the eating I was thrilled that Boston is a “walking city” so that I could walk […]

A tough few weeks

So between some travel, lots of stuff going on after work and weekends, and short weeks at work I am trying to figure out how to fit in working out and staying healthy with my eating. And it is already tough and it is only the beginning. But so far this week I have worked […]