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Working those butts, hips & thighs

I have struggled with the exercise part of this month’s Monthly Challenge. (And a little with the water part since I have was traveling and drinking a lot of beer. But I am back on track with the water intake.) Travel usually makes it difficult for me to keep up with healthy lifestyle, including regular […]

Taking a walk …

I didn’t get down to the work gym until about 4:20 or so. Twenty minutes later than I really wanted. (Lately it is more difficult to get down to the gym at 4 and get in an almost 90-minute workout.) I really wanted to focus on weights and abs today. But I also wanted to […]

Working those guns, endurance and abs … in that order

I went down to the work gym today about 4:15 (later than I wanted, lately something seems to come up at work to push into my exercise time) and the spin bike was being used. First time in about seven months that I have gone down and wanted to use the bike and it wasn’t […]

Monitoring heart rate

At work we have a pretty nice little gym: treadmills; ellipticals; spin bike; free weights; weight machines; big TV and area to do yoga or P90X or whatever you want. Most of the cardio machines have a TV or some sort of media attached. The guy at work who designed the gym (and took suggestions from […]

Cardio prepares me for day at the ballpark

I attended a 6:15 a.m. cardio/body conditioning class this morning. Why? Partially because I am crazy but also because my work team attended an offsite at the Giants ballpark today. The class I took was intense and insane. I am pretty sure I am going to feel it tomorrow: arms, legs, butt, etc. We started […]

Stretching out the back

One of my team co-workers recently started exercising. She is taking it slowly with walking on the treadmill. I am proud of her for making the commitment and making it to the gym. Her back was really bothering her yesterday. She wanted to at least do some stretching. I told her that about a month […]

Indoor cycling

I worked out in the new swanky gym at work today. The gym is about 75% set up. I was the only one in there the whole time I was spinning. For about 40 minutes today I worked out on the eSpinner. There is a video of a guy on a bike telling me what […]

Vegas workouts

Over my Vegas weekend I hit the hotel gym twice. That is pretty good. Most vacations I pack my workout clothes and they never leave the suitcase. I seriously think having a workout partner, Jen, made all the difference. So, Jen, I think you must go on all vacations with me. 🙂 Day 1 was […]

We found exercise in Vegas

Jen and I hit the hotel gym this morning. Access to the gym came with Curt’s and my room. Jen did the treadmill and I did some crazy elliptical type machine. We both had a good workout. Every machine had a TV attached and headphones provided. Pretty swanky. After our workout we showered and met […]

Determined to lose 9 pounds

Today is Day 3 of getting back to my healthy lifestyle. I started counting points again with Weight Watchers on Monday. I am not attending meetings (probably should) or doing anything online. My years with WW gave me many of the tools I need to continue on my own. I am trying to mix up […]