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Just for me

I took an extra long weekend with having Friday and Monday off as well as Saturday and Sunday. I gave myself an extended weekend for a variety of reasons: I needed to get stuff done I don’t have time for in my spare time; I wanted to do some de-cluttering on our storage unit and […]

Happy Mother’s Day

When I was 9 and my brother was 5 our parents divorced. The choices and decisions my mom made almost 30 years ago makes me the person and woman I am today. At a time when few people were divorcing my mom made the best decision for herself and for her kids. And we struggled. […]

Love of reading

As a little girl I loved to read. I read so much that I was three grade levels ahead of my own grade reading level. My vocabulary was quite advanced. I would participate in reading contests. My parents really limited the amount of TV my brother and I watched. I didn’t need TV. I had […]

It’s Corona Light time

Oh yea, just got home from my work day … well, after work I stopped at the gym for a yoga class. Friday nights at the gym are 75 minutes. It’s a decent yoga practice with about 10-15 minutes of Restorative Yoga. Found out tonight that tonight was the last Friday night yoga class with […]

How I started 2010

My goal was to hit the gym this morning. Uh, didn’t happen. Mostly because I didn’t sleep well and a champagne headache doesn’t help. Being lazy was a good excuse. So instead today I stayed in my jammies and watched Lifetime movies and SVU marathon and read. Starting on Monday I am detoxing and going […]

Mac & Cheese

Tonight for dinner I made the Mac & Cheese recipe from Cook Yourself Thin. It wasn’t your typical Mac & Cheese. Man, it was good and rich and filling. I couldn’t finish what I had served myself–well, I could have. But I didn’t want to feel gross! It took longer to make than I normally […]

Cook Yourself Thin recipe made

Tonight for dinner I made one of the recipes from the Lifetime TV show Cook Yourself Thin. I made the Easy Herb-Roasted Chicken With Roasted Veggies. I altered the veggies slightly. I have to say it was really good and filing. Though this wouldn’t be the normal thing I would make for dinner on a […]