Vegas, here we come

Curt and I head to Vegas tomorrow night. This will be our third annual Vegas trip for the opening of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament, which starts Thursday morning.

Our good friends Jen and Dave will meet us on Friday.

Last year Jen and I discussed doing our best to get some exercise in. Jen did some research and a Google search on “best place to exercise in vegas.”

The first hit she got was How to Avoid Exercise in Vegas.

I Google searched the same term this year and my fourth hit was the link How to Avoid Exercise in Vegas.

I have no problem avoiding exercise in Vegas with the drinking, basketball watching, pool lounging, eating, gambling and fun. I am hoping our hotel room at MGM Grand comes with gym access, because that gym is super expensive.

I had access last year and Jen and I put it to good use. It’s funny, Jen and I would meet in the morning and exercise and the guys would meet and scope out a bar or a good place to place bets. The girls, of course, met up with The Husbands later on. We like our beer and basketball, too.

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Eating with a little walking sprinkled in


Curt are in Albany, MO this weekend. We are here visiting his parents and also for deer season.
Curt’s brother and our nephews were also here–they left today.
My mother-in-law, Marilyn, is an amazing cook. We have had butterscotch rolls, pumpkin pie, tenderloin sandwiches, pot roast, ham, apple salad and so much more.
Of course, the exercise has been minimal. But I have taken Katie for a walk a couple of times. So that’s better than nothing, right.
Photo above is my nephew Jackson walking Katie.

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UGH! Time for some sort of detox

I had a good weekend in Tucson. I saw lots of family, ate good food and had numerous drinks.

I knew there would be little if any healthy options to eat. Which I was completely OK with.

I hoped I would get a little yoga in with Hilda. We talked about doing yoga together.

But it never happened. Plus there was so much other stuff going on: running errands for my grandpa’s 90th birthday party; setting up for the party; breakfast with the family; other family obligations.

It’s OK. I will get back to the exercise again tomorrow.

My dad is a great cook (as is my mom) and made a big part of the dinner feast for my grandpa’s 90th birthday party. Grandpa wanted tacos. So we had tacos. The next day we had the chorizo breakfast.

Saturday we had a late breakfast with my mom and stepdad. Then later that day we had the party for Grandpa: good food and beers for me. Later that night a group of us headed to The Buffet for drinks.

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Earning my shiny stars

Days after I got back from vacationing in Barcelona in June I started back into my exercise routine. From June 22 until July 13 I did some form of exercise. That’s 22 days in a row.

We had friends in town so I hate a delicious dinner and drinks with them in the city on what would have been Day 23. I was “lazy” the following night and skipped yoga. The third day I was back at it and have been since. Today counts as Day No. 18 of exercise done in a row.

For the month of July I worked out 29 of the 31 days. I am really proud of myself. I keep a calendar at work and mark each day I exercise with a star sticker. It’s a small thing–but it takes me back to being a kid and being proud to get that shiny star.

Sometimes people will ask me what the stars on my calendar mean. When I tell them they are usually impressed.

I am running low on star stickers so I bought some smiley stickers. I am using smileys to mark my August exercise.

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Exercise back in full swing after vacation hiatus

Since Wednesday I have been on track with the exercise (the food is another story, but it usually is).

I had planned to hit Vinyasa Yoga class (and take my mom) on Sunday. But we had flight issues and instead of coming in Saturday night about 8 p.m. we came in on Sunday at almost midnight.

I wanted to go to the noon spin class on Monday. But I felt pretty wacked out and I didn’t want to drive anywhere. So I just hung around the house doing laundry, going through the mail and paying bills and watching TV.

Wednesday was Hatha Yoga with Baxter. Man, I really love that class. Baxter is great. Thursday I did the spin bike in the work gym. I only had time for a 30-minute workout as I had something to do after work. But 30 minutes is better than nothing. Friday was Forrest Yoga with a sub. I normally like the regular teacher. But I think I liked it even better with the sub. That was an intense class. I could feel my thighs and shoulders today. And, of course, today, spin; abs/core; and body conditioning. I almost ditched the third class. But … Continue reading

A little vacation weight gain

Yesterday and today I have been so hungry. Not sure if it because my internal cycle is all screwed up or because I am used to eating and drinking a lot more than normal, after my week in Barcelona.

I appear to have gained about a pound and a half. We did a fair amount of walking–at least at the beginning of the week. But I also ate and drank whatever I wanted. And there was a lot of both. Between beer and sangria and tapas and pastries and cafe con leches and all of that I took in a lot of calories. Everything was so good. Oh man!

I haven’t started back to my regular workout schedule yet. I hope to go to my regular Wednesday night yoga class tomorrow.

And at some point the healthy eating has to come back into my life. I will get there.

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Go Fit Girl! hits the Mediterranean

Before I start, just a reminder that you still have time for a chance to win the Comment Contest Tuesday drawing. It’s a super easy way to possibly win a prize. How can you not participate? Thanks to those who already have. Your answers are awesome.

While in Barcelona we have been doing a lot of walking. I brought five pairs of shoes with me for the week. Yes, it sounds like a lot. But three of them are flip-flops. And one is an amazing pair that are really great for walking. Sanuk makes awesome flip-flops, like these ones. (I have some others that Curt ordered for me [and a pair for himself] years ago when heading to Maui. I think they are no longer making them–which is a bummer since I love them and they are going to need to go to flip-flop heaven at some point soon.) My other “walking” shoes are my Mary Jane Skechers. (The link is close to my shoes, but not exactly. I am tired of looking for the exact ones.)

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Walking, walking and more walking

Yesterday we did a lot of walking. Today we did a ton of walking. We visited Montserrat. It was beautiful and amazing.
It is 7:30 p.m. We are home to clean up and rest a bit before we meet our friends Mark and Rosie at 9 and then head out to dinner.
I don’t need to go to the gym while in Europe.
Walking–and a lot of walking at that–is a amazing exercise.


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Curt and I are in Barcelona and i am teating out my WordPress app.
If it works, more posts and details to come.
We have been having some connectivity issues since here.

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Go Fit Girl! heads to Barcelona

In preparation for my trip to Barcelona I have been working pretty hard to eat healthy and exercise regularly to get me in shape for my gorge and drink fest while in Europe.

For the past 10 days I have exercised. That’s damn good.

It has been spin or yoga or body conditioning or abs. I am proud of my hard work and plan to not care about what I am eating or drinking while on vacation. Because I am on vacation.

Not sure how much I will be blogging on Go Fit Girl! I will post if I have something to write about.

If you just can’t live without reading about my daily adventures (even if they aren’t health and fitness related) you can check me out on my personal blog:


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