Getting beach ready by tracking food

I have a little more than three weeks until Curt and I head to Barcelona for a a glorious week.

So that means I have a little more than three weeks to get back to my goal weight. I have 5 pounds to lose. I would love to also be toned as I will be frolicking on the beach. But that is just not realistic, especially since there are certain foods I am just not going to give up. (Not to mention how much harder I would have to work than I already do.)

Today marked Day 1 of trying to limit my calories and eat in moderation. I am back to tracking my food and really thinking about what I put in my mouth before I do.

So far Day 1 has gone well. I just have to keep this up about 25 more days or so.

I worked out in the work gym today on the espinner. I rode for 55 minutes, 18 miles and according to espinner I burned 696 calories. That seems like a lot. I know spinning burns an immense amount of calories, but I am not sure if I burned quite that many.

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Vegas workouts

Over my Vegas weekend I hit the hotel gym twice. That is pretty good.

Most vacations I pack my workout clothes and they never leave the suitcase.

I seriously think having a workout partner, Jen, made all the difference. So, Jen, I think you must go on all vacations with me. 🙂

Day 1 was crazy elliptical and abs. Day 2 was treadmill and free weights.

I didn’t pack tennis shoes this time around. Usually I do and it is a waste of space as they don’t come out along with my workout clothes. I wore my Skechers while working out. They were OK for my two workouts. I wouldn’t suggest it if someone were working out more than a few times.

Coming home from my fun and high calorie intake weekend brings me back to more reasonable meals and things I drink. For dinner tonight I had brown rice and steamed Brussels sprouts with water.

I plan to hit my regular spin class tomorrow night after work.

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Vegas, baby!

For me Vegas means a lot of drinking and a lot of eating with just a little gambling (mostly penny slots as I don’t like to lose my money).

Curt and I head to Vegas on Thursday night. Our friends Jen and Dave will join us Friday morning.

Jen and I were talking about trying to get a few workouts in while on our  fun-filled long weekend of eating, drinking, gambling, NCAA tourney watching, Mystere watching, pool lounging good time.

So Jen decided to do a little research. She went to Google and typed in “best place to exercise in vegas.” The first hit she got was How to Avoid Exercise in Vegas. I decided to search for the same thing she did and I came upon the same first hit. The thing is, do we really need information on how to avoid exercise in Vegas? I am sure we are already clearly aware how to avoid exercise in Vegas or anywhere on vacation or really anytime in life.

The hotel that the four of us are staying at has a gym. But it is expensive. So we may have to come up with our own workout … Continue reading

WW newbie goes on vacation

My friend Jen asked for some advice for someone who is new to WW and going on vacation. Jen doesn’t want to reverse all of her hard work. And I totally understand.

So, let me first say that I don’t know all of details of the newest Weight Watchers plan. But I think I can still give some advice for travel.

Carb-loaded lunch

I am almost embarrassed to admit what I had for lunch today. For some reason there has been a lot of extra food around work lately. And I can’t seem to not eat it. So for lunch I had mac & cheese (wow! it was delish!); mashed potatoes; white rice; and salad doused with dressing.

I feel like in the food department I am still in vacation mode. I am just eating whatever I pretty much want. I feel like it is getting out of control. But this coming week there are two lunch meetings. We are going out to eat at least twice this week.

So I feel like I can start with a clean slate next week.

I wasn’t able to go to the gym yesterday. A call went over and I missed my noon spin class. I thought about going to the evening class. But I had a lot of stuff to get done at home in the evening.

I did go to spin tonight. And it was a good class. It was tough. Great workout.

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Getting back in the exercise routine

My plan (after being gone from the gym for 5 weeks: getting sick and then being on vacation) this week was to immediately get back into my regular workout routine. Not sure why I thought that would happen. I guess I was hoping it would since I knew it would help with the jet lag.

I went to spin on Monday. I didn’t work that day. Paid bills, ran errands, did laundry, etc. Didn’t get back to the gym until Saturday (long h0urs at work got in the way of my gym time) for my regular two hours of spin; abs; body conditioning. I was planning to go to the gym this morning. I started to feel sore last night from class and then this morning … OUCH!

Curt and I put our garden in today. That was a major workout in itself. Curt shovels the dirt in the garden and I hoe it. Hoeing is hard work.

The plan is to get back into the workout routine this week. Then I will slowly tackle the calorie intake. That got way out of control while on vacation. So much good food and beer and wine. Not sure if my walking … Continue reading

Lots of walking …

and eating and drinking beer since I have been in London. Go Fit Girl! is on holiday for two weeks.

There won’t be many healthy things happening over these two weeks. But I will be enjoying myself.

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3 pounds in 3 weeks

(Written Sunday night about 9:30 London time)

So about a month ago I started back on plan with tracking points. I was well on my way to hitting goal weight and maybe with a few pounds to spare by the time we came to Europe.
Then I got sick … I was hit with a pretty bad cold. When I am sick I don’t exercise (must not jeopardize the immune system that is fighting off a cold). And I also pretty much eat anything I want. And I was not missing out on the appetite.
But considering that I ate anything I wanted and didn’t exercise for a whole three weeks the 3-pound gain wasn’t that surprising.
I was hoping to be at goal weight or a little less so that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted while in Europe … which I am gonna do regardless, but maybe with a little guilt. Or maybe not.
We are in London now. And I have been enjoying wine and beer, dessert and big meals.
But there has already been a decent amount of walking. So the weight gain shouldn’t be too bad. (Last time … Continue reading

Please sponsor my virtual walk, if you can

My company, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, has created a team to support the MMRF Race for Research.

Check out my page by clicking right here.

I signed up for the virtual walk, since I will be on vacation that day. But I assure you, there will be much walking in London, Paris and Amsterdam.

If you can financially support me, any donation is appreciated. If money is tight, I will take words of encouragement. Whatever you offer (be nice!) I will take.

Thank you.

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Weight Watchers really works

As you know I lost 30+ pounds about three years ago. I lost the first 20 pounds on counting Points(r) alone–so making better food choices and reducing my calorie/fat intake. The last 10ish pounds I lost with food and exercise.

Probably for about two years I kept the weight off. Recently I put a little back on. My highest since losing weight was 8 pounds over my goal weight. In the past few months I have gone back and forth between eating healthy and not, counting calories and not. But the exercise has remained pretty consistent.

Last week I started counting Points(r) again. And I am very excited to report that I am only .4 away from my goal weight. My hard work is paying off. I am proud of myself for staying on top of tracking my food and staying within healthy limits.

I will be in good weight standing in time for a 2-week vacation to Europe near the end of this month.

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