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Being lazy while roasting Brussels sprouts

I decided to be “lazy” and not go to yoga tonight. I just wasn’t feeling it. I just feel tired. So I decided to just hang on the couch and watch some episodes of Parenthood and drink wine. For dinner I made Brussels sprouts. I normally make them in the rice cooker/steamer. But I decided […]

Fresh garden salad

For dinner tonight I had the second half of my leftover lunch from yesterday, which was chicken and hummus from a delicious restaurant, Ali Baba, in South San Francisco. I decided to toss the pita, as I didn’t really need the extra calories. Instead I made a simple salad: lettuce, tomatoes and mushrooms. I used the […]

10 easy, healthy snacks

On the back of the Ziploc® brand containers I noticed a list of healthy snacks, all about 100 calories or less: 1 orange 28 grapes 1 3/4 cups whole strawberries 1 small baked potato with a 1/2 cup of salsa and 2 tablespoons of fat free sour cream 1 3/4 cups cantalope 1 3/4 cups raspberries […]

Making brown rice

My friend and reader Karen asked me a question couple of months ago. And I am finally answering it. Karen wanted to know how I keep my rice fresh after making a week’s worth in my rice cooker. I bought a cheap rice cooker at Target and I have definitely used it worth every penny […]

I love vegetables

I was grocery shopping on Saturday after my two hours at the gym. I was in the produce department grabbing my various fruits and vegetables for the week for Curt and myself. I was just finished bagging up some Brussels sprouts when a woman came over to get some small red potatoes and announced to […]

Zucchini ‘pasta’

Tonight I tried something a little different for dinner. I made about 2 cups of brown rice. I make my rice for the week at once–since it takes time to cook. (Still need to get a rice cooker.) My friends Becky and Cyrus recently tried a new recipe and they both shared it with me: […]

Yoga is a great way to end the work week

Too bad I didn’t end my work week that way. Usually before a three-day weekend the office clears out early. I had a lot to do today. But about 4 or so I started to wrap up what I absolutely had to get done. (I pretty much always have work to do. I could work […]

And the newest Go Fit Girl! is …

… Regina. Thank you to Lisa, Regina and Alicia for your comments. As I had stated before I got the last Comment Contest Tuesday post idea from a friend on Facebook. She received many more comments when she posed the question: What do you eat when you’re feeling very snacky but don’t need (or want) […]

Keeping up with healthy eating

So far so good on Day 3 of eating healthier. For dinner tonight I marinated chicken breasts in fat-free Italian dressing. Grilled them on the George Foreman grill. Curt and I both had salad. And for myself I made cauliflower “mashed potatoes.” Breakfast: oatmeal and coffee. Lunch: Zesty-Tomato Thyme soup and salad. Snack: some goldfish […]