Practicing Sun Salutations

In yoga teacher training class on Thursday night we worked on Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations).

There are a variety of ways to practice Sun Salutations (aka sun salutes). The one linked here is basically what we worked on Thursday night.

We built on the sequence in class. The idea was, how do you teach a beginner student sun salutes? We worked with the idea of starting with Sun Salutations as easy and moving toward difficult.

In class on Thursday we “attacked” sun salutes as a beginner. How would a beginner practice? What modifications need to be made for a beginner?

As we continued with the sun salutes we tried the flow with a little more difficulty each time around.

Ann reminded us that the sun is the bestower of life. The sun salute is is a circular Vinyasa flow. Sun salutes are about flow, methodical thinking, building and deliberate Vinyasa sequence.

The original idea behind practicing sun salutes was to salute the bestower of life. The Vinyasa flow is typically done in the morning facing East.

But for many of us life doesn’t allow for yoga practice in the morning and for many of us yogis and yoginis we … Continue reading

My funky shoulder


I think I have mentioned my weird shoulder in past posts. I don’t really know what I did to it. And it is hard to explain what is wrong with it. It sometimes feels like something is slipping out of place. It doesn’t hurt. It is more of a discomfort.

It is noticeable that something funky is going on during some yoga poses, such as Downward Dog or even with my arms up in the air right before a Vinyasa flow or while holding Warrior I or Crecent Lunge.

When I was at the doctor on Monday I mentioned my shoulder to her. I tried to explain to her the funky sensation I have at times in my shoulder.

She asked me if I sleep with my arms above my head. I told her I do. (I pretty much sleep in all positions: on my stomach [not good], on my sides, on my back and sometimes with my arms above my head.)

The doctor told me I should try to stop sleeping with my arms above my head. She said it is likely a slipped tendon. Then she asked me how I thought I could stop … Continue reading

Opening, balancing within

I attended my regular Hatha Yoga class with Baxter tonight. I really look forward to that class. He makes yoga fun while making us laugh.

His class isn’t as intense as the other classes I take. But that’s OK. Variety is good. And don’t get me wrong, I am still working.

Tonight Baxter asked us to try our Vinyasa Flow with our eyes closed. I am normally not steady with my eyes closed. But I went with it. Eventually Baxter had us hold some poses with our eyes closed as well. Such as Triangle,Warrior II, Side Angle and Reverse Warrior.

Baxter had us hold the poses and make adjustments and keep balance internally instead of relying on what we normally rely on. It was definitely a challenge to maintain balance (something I struggle with even with my eyes open). But I appreciated the practice of it.

When something new is proposed in class or a pose I find difficult or dislike (such as Happy Baby)  is asked of by the instructor I have recently tried to adjust my attitude or feelings toward it and stay open and appreciate it. It’s a works in progress …

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Intense, sweaty holiday yoga

At Namaste yoga studio there was only one class because of the holiday. I attended the 10 a.m. Power Vinyasa class.

Power Vinyasa is an intense, hard, good, hot, sweaty, always moving class. Sweat was literally dripping off of me during class. My top was soaked (see pic to the left) as was the towel I brought to wipe up my sweat.

The class was packed today. We had a little more than 40 in the tiny studio. Our mats were an inch to 2 inches from each other.

After class I was tired, exhausted, soaked and hungry. I came home and took a quick shower. And then Curt and I headed out for brunch and a beer.

Between a full meal, an intense workout and the one beer I was ready for a nap. And so that is what I did.


Yesterday we had Emily sub for Ashley’s Vinyasa Flow class. Emily told me the type of yoga she taught us. But I couldn’t remember the name. I found out she teaches Jivamukti Flow, which is a Vinyasa style practice, according to And that makes total sense since I thought it was taking a Vinyasa Flow.

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