It was a yoga kind of weekend

Over three days I took five yoga classes. I  am definitely putting that unlimited membership to good use.

Oh, and I got a second yoga bingo today. I had to turn my card in for a drawing and was given a new one. I had two yoga bingos, so I am entered in the drawing twice and I still have until the end of the month to earn more bingos.

Since I worked from home on Friday, I took a morning Vinyasa Flow. The class was taught by a sub. I like the regular instructor. But the sub was great, too. In the Vinyasa Flow classes at some point the instructor usually wants to create some heat. In Friday’s class, Katie had us do our own Vinyasas, which I thought was pretty cool.

Yesterday, I took three hours of yoga. Two classes in a row: Vinyasa Flow and Hatha. I felt really amazing afterward.

Today I tried an Ashtanga Flow class. I had never taken Ashtanga class before today. And I just came back from the Restorative class.

This link gives a short description of the various types of yoga.

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Hip openers

Today in Vinyasa Yoga class with Ashley we did our regular heated flows. After about 45 minutes to an hour of the flows and sweat we usually concentrate on something, whether it is working a specific part of the body or working on an inversion.

Today we worked on some intense hip openers with variations of Pigeon and Square.

We did one hip opener/restorative pose before savasana.

My hips aren’t as open as I would like. So I especially appreciate when class concentrates on opening of the hips. I can’t say I love Pigeon Pose. But for some reason I always want to do that pose and am happy when the instructor asks us to get into that pose.

One of my least favorite poses is Happy Baby, which is also a hip opener and another pose we did today. We also did that pose on Wednesday night. Baxter made a joke about whether or not we are happy in the pose. I have to say, I never am. I have no issues getting into the pose. But once it is time to get out I feel stuck. It’s a pretty intense pose for me.

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Exercise is my drug of choice

I saw this on a license plate frame yesterday. It gave me a chuckle. Even though I regularly exercise, exercise is definitely not my drug of choice. Mine is probably alcohol and then high fat, high calorie food. So in the end I need exercise.

One of my regular readers and good friends asked if I could recommend a yoga class that is gentle with some good stretching.

I wasn’t quite sure, so I did a little research …

I do take a Hatha Yoga class on Wednesday nights and I would say it is much more gentle than the other yoga classes I take. The Yoga Journal Web site gave me an actual gentle yoga routine. Restorative Yoga is also a gentle practice and so lovely and juicy.

Another link with gentle yoga poses. This search link on the Yoga Journal Web site also has a bunch of options for gentle forms of yoga.

In my Vinyasa class today while I was in Downward Dog my instructor came over and told my that my pose was great. If you know Downward Facing Dog you know that it is a pretty simple and easy pose. … Continue reading

Sweaty weekend

As I blogged yesterday, I worked out for my usual two hours at the gym: spin, abs and body conditioning.

Last night one of my fellow spin friends hosted a party at her house. There was good food, good wine and good company. Eventually it turned into a dance party. Oh man, it was so much fun. But my legs were still tired from my earlier workout. We danced the night away. It was fun but tiring and super sweaty.

This morning I took a morning Vinyasa Yoga class. The heat in that class gets turned up slightly–between 75 and 80 degrees. But man, does it get sweaty. It was a good workout.

My arms are pretty sore from the weights yesterday. I think the heat and the actual yoga practice helps to loosen my muscles–work through the soreness.

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Sore arms & shoulders

My regular morning yoga teacher has been out of town. So she has had two subs: Ken and Jennifer. I like both of them. They are so different.
Yesterday Ken had us continuously do vinyasa flows.

There are many variations of vinyasa flows. But the video above gives you an idea. I think what really made me sore was going back and forth between downward dog and plank to a push up (or really a push down).

My arms and shoulders are pretty sore. I love that good kind of sore.

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