Walking for charity

Today I participated in a charity walk with work and for the MMRF. (There’s still time to donate if you are so inclined. Click here for my page. Thanks to those who have already donated.)

Since I didn’t have time to go to yoga (and parking and driving into that part of the city can be a nightmare) I decided to take BART (subway) and then walk to the Marina Green, where the walk took place.

Just getting there was a 3-mile walk. I gave myself plenty of time. It took me about an hour to walk. I got to walk through a lot of the city and see some areas I hadn’t seen before. I made sure I had water and snacks with me.

I had never been to the Marina Green area before. And I realized that THIS is what people do on a beautiful Sunday in the city: There were runners, bikers, walkers, kite fliers, dogs, beachgoers, etc.

The MMRF walk/run was a 5K (~3 miles). There was a good turn out for both Team Onyx and the entire event. I walked with a few other ladies who were just fine to walk at … Continue reading

Riding 100 miles and then some

My company recently launched a wellness program. We first started with biometric testing.

Our results were input into a web portal.

After that there was a wellness assessment in which I answered questions about my mental and physical health, fitness and exercise, work and personal situations, etc. From there my strengths were identified and areas I could work on–such as getting consistent sleep.

I can set up goals and challenges. One of the challenges I am participating in is to have 64 ounces of water for at least five days in a week. I am pretty good with my water intake. But Fridays and Sundays are challenging for me. Now with an incentive I am more proactive on those days as well.

And while doing this points are rewarded, levels achieved and prizes awarded.

One of the challenges is the Century Mile. At first I didn’t sign up for it because I thought it was about running. And I don’t run.

Then I realized you could bike, hike, walk, run (probably even Zumba) your way to 100 miles. The challenge started in mid-March and ends mid-May. The challenge spelled out: Track 100 miles of exercise–walk, run, bike, hike, dance, or whatever … Continue reading

Eliminate holiday travel stress


This time of year gets stressful. Many parties to attend. Travel to visit family or friends. Or family or friends travel to visit you. Shopping. Cooking. End of the year work projects to get complete.

Curt and I are eliminating a lot of this time of year stress. We are staying put for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If you are traveling this week (or at Christmastime) I have some suggestions and tips for you to make it all a little less stressful and hopefully smooth:

Surviving travel as healthy as possible

Someone recently asked me for suggestions on how to healthily survive a 10-hour flight.

My advice was not good. I told him that I survive international flights with booze and a sleeping pill.

Seriously, here is my advice on how to survive an international flight or even a domestic flight:

Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water before, during and after the flight.

Avoid alcohol before and during the flight. (For the record, I don’t take this advice.)

Take healthy snacks with you: fruit, nuts, peanut butter crackers, pretzels, even a sandwich.

Walk around every once in a while.

If a meal is offered, go with the healthiest option. (Go with the chicken or fish.) You can probably view the menu online for preplanning.

Don’t beat yourself up when you stray and have a drink or don’t have enough water or chow down on something super unhealthy. All we can do is our best. And we do slip up. And hell, most of the time when I travel I am on vacation. And one of the greatest things about going on vacation (especially when traveling somewhere new, exotic, international or just awesome) is the food and drink.

We head to Missouri … Continue reading

Dealing with time change

Tomorrow very early (2 a.m.) we fall back. I hate falling back or springing forward. The time change completely wreaks havoc on my body–physically and mentally.

You would think one hour wouldn’t be a big deal. But for some reason it is. (Being from Arizona I never dealt with time change until I first moved to Oregon at 23.)

During the week I wake up to an alarm, which goes off at 5 a.m. so sleeping in for me is about 6:30. Sundays tend to be my lazy day, so let’s hope I can stay asleep a little longer than normal, especially tomorrow.

I have found that the best way to deal with the time change is to make sure I exercise. When we sprang forward in March that Monday was a rough day for me. I made sure to make it to my regular noon spin class even though I was tired and really didn’t want to go. I felt like a different and new person as I walked out after class and a shower.

No matter how tired or wacked out you are tomorrow try to do something active: take a walk, take a yoga class (that’s what … Continue reading

Go Team Onyx!

At work I signed up for a virtual walk to raise funds for MMRF.

My plan was to do the virtual walk via the couch.

I went to an hour and half Vinyasa Yoga class and then Curt and I put in our garden. That is a lot of physical labor.

Once done with all of that Curt and I headed to McNally’s for a much needed beer.

I know I burned more calories and put more of an effort into my physical activities today than I would have had I walked.

The link about will take you to my donation page if you feel so inclined.


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Please sponsor my virtual walk, if you can

My company, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, has created a team to support the MMRF Race for Research.

Check out my page by clicking right here.

I signed up for the virtual walk, since I will be on vacation that day. But I assure you, there will be much walking in London, Paris and Amsterdam.

If you can financially support me, any donation is appreciated. If money is tight, I will take words of encouragement. Whatever you offer (be nice!) I will take.

Thank you.

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I only I were a runner

When I first started working out almost three years ago I started walking. I walked at least three times a week for a month.

Then I decided I needed to be a runner. Running is easy cardio and you can do it anywhere. You just need your tennies and preferably some workout clothes (which don’t take up much room whether you throw them in a bag and take to work or go on vacation and pack).

I did the run/walk thing for about a week and a half or so. And then I hurt my knee. I rehabed myself and then wondered why I was running. I hate running. I had been working out at the little gym in my work building–which isn’t a bad gym. Soon after that I joined my current gym and mostly take classes, whick keep me working hard and motivated.

Anyway, so the point of my story was … while we were in San Diego I did walk a good amount one day. But that was the most exercise I got. I watched joggers and runners whiz by on the boardwalk in front of our hotel room and it made me wish I was out … Continue reading

Walk on the boardwalk

Curt and I took a walk today to head out for lunch. (Oh, by the way, we are in San Diego for a few days for some relaxation.)

Curt said it would take up about 15 minutes to get where we were going. (He walked it last night.) But I don’t walk as fast as my husband. It took about 30 minutes. We found the Sandbar and had some beer and lunch (nothing I had was healthy–well, except for the tomato and lettuce on my burger).

The sun went behind the clouds so it was much cooler walking back. We decided to walk on Mission sted of the boardwalk–not so windy.

So I got an hour walk in. I am sure there will be more walking tomorrow.

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Thanksgiving morning walk

I had to pick up a few things at the grocery today. So I decided to walk.

It was a nice, quiet walk. Just listening to my iPhone.

The gym is closed today. And I figure when we get home this evening from my dad and Hilda’s I am not gonna feel like working out with my own yoga or the little stair climber I have.

I think I am gonna have a cup of my garden veggie soup before we head to Dad to Hilda’s. That way I won’t be starving and gorge on all that food. I am sure I will still eat too much. But hopefully I won’t go nuts. But if my dad has that dressing he made last year … I am in trouble.

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