A little bit of a shocker

For a while now I have known that I needed to lose some weight. Not a lot. I figured about 5 pounds.

This morning I weighed myself on a very reliable scale and was shocked at the number. It is really more like 10 pounds that I need to lose.

A couple of those pounds could be water retention. Over the weekend I didn’t drink enough water, drank more (as in alcohol) than normal and Curt and I had pepperoni pizza last night. The pepperoni was kinda salty.

But still, the lesson here is that I need to get control back over my eating habits. My exercise habits are still pretty good.

I will keep you updated on how I am progressing on getting back to my goal weight.

Still trying to catch up with my water

The weekends are usually the hardest for me to maintain a good amount of water intake. Through in some travel and it is even worse. Add in a party with lots of beer and just forget it.

I woke up this morning with a headache and feeling very parched. After some Advil and a little water I started to feel much better.

I definitely didn’t drink enough water this weekend. And my goal is when I drink for every drink I have I have a serving of water. Mmmmm, that didn’t happen.

Our friends Don and Kristin had an amazing Oktoberfest party at their place last night. Great food, including dessert, and lots and lots of beer.

I do have to say I got some exercise in with some dancing.

(Oh, and, unfortunately, no workout this morning. Being dehydrated is no fun. And I slept horribly. So I decided to sleep in and make up for it.)

Lots and lots of water

So yesterday for lunch I had sushi. Which is a very good choice when trying to eat healthy. It is filling and so good for you.

Soy sauce–even low sodium–has me retain water like crazy. One night I had sushi and then the next day weighed in with a GAIN. I was so upset. (This was when I was still losing weight.) So I made it a point to never weigh in after sushi the day before.

Well, I really did want to weigh in today. So yesterday I had a lot of water. I mean like 14 8 oz. servings. You really only need six to eight 8 oz. servings a day. But if you drink alcohol, a lot of caffeine, soy sauce, etc. you need to counteract the dehydration with more water.

I didn’t want the soy sauce to alter the number on the scale today.

And I did OK. I am still within 2 pounds of my goal weight. Once you hit your goal weight with Weight Watchers to stay Lifetime and attend meetings for free you can’t be more than 2 pounds over your goal weight.

9 pounds to go

I think these last 9 pounds are gonna be a little harder to lose. But I know I can do it.

Curt and I are going to Hawaii in about 10 days and I AM gonna have as many drinks with little umbrellas in them as I want. I still will eat whatever I want–but I won’t stuff myself. So no points in Hawaii–just some wise choices when it comes to some of the things I eat.

I recently started working out, too. I was determined to be toned for Hawaii–ain’t gonna happen. But hey, I am 20 pounds lighter than I was 3 1/2 months ago.

I have been better about my water intake. WW has a honkin mug with a straw and one mug is 4 servings of water. WW recommends 6 servings a day. So I try to have at least 6, but usually go with 8 a day. Problem is I have to go to the bathroom like every 10 minutes it seems! (The link of the mug I found is on eBay. The prices for the mugs on eBay are a total rip-off!)

Off to the bathroom again … (TMI, huh?)