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Staying hydrated

Whenever I travel I usually don’t drink enough water and get dehydrated rather quickly. And once your body is used to a good amount of water even not having enough one day can make a difference. Curt and I flew out Saturday and I have stayed pretty hydrated since, including the plane trip. Luckily the […]

A little bit of a shocker

For a while now I have known that I needed to lose some weight. Not a lot. I figured about 5 pounds. This morning I weighed myself on a very reliable scale and was shocked at the number. It is really more like 10 pounds that I need to lose. A couple of those pounds […]

Still trying to catch up with my water

The weekends are usually the hardest for me to maintain a good amount of water intake. Through in some travel and it is even worse. Add in a party with lots of beer and just forget it. I woke up this morning with a headache and feeling very parched. After some Advil and a little […]

Lots and lots of water

So yesterday for lunch I had sushi. Which is a very good choice when trying to eat healthy. It is filling and so good for you. Soy sauce–even low sodium–has me retain water like crazy. One night I had sushi and then the next day weighed in with a GAIN. I was so upset. (This […]

9 pounds to go

I think these last 9 pounds are gonna be a little harder to lose. But I know I can do it. Curt and I are going to Hawaii in about 10 days and I AM gonna have as many drinks with little umbrellas in them as I want. I still will eat whatever I want–but […]