Celebrating bumps and curves

Recently I saw stuff about Jennifer Garner and her baby bump.

Jennifer Garner admits she has a baby bump but is not pregnant on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

She’s had three kids and now there is a bump and she says it ain’t going away.

Society as a whole is so obsessed with women and their weight.

Why don’t we talk about men and their bellies? Wow, he musta put down a 6-pack last night and a bag of Doritos! How is he gonna show off his body in that bathing suit next month??!!

In the silly movie, Couples Retreat, all the women are in super amazing (dare I say, unrealistic) shape and the guy’s are a bunch of out of shape slobs. I realize our bodies can’t be perfect, but what message is that sending? This is the best picture I could find of the whole main cast.

Guess what, friends? You can have a “baby bump” and have never even had a baby.

It’s called a big meal, being bloated, stress, water retention, bad posture, a little extra weight on the tummy, etc.

Most of my life I was “skinny.” I seriously hate that word. And then … Continue reading

Feeling good, feeling healthy

Yesterday was my first day back toward a healthy lifestyle. I am getting back into my regular exercise routine along with much better food choices.

I was a little shocked when I stepped on the scale and saw the weight gain in my four weeks off the healthy lifestyle wagon.

I have felt so tired and unhealthy lately.

I was so ready to get back to a healthy routine.

I think what will keep me in a regular exercise routine and not stuffing my face (and feelings) with junk food and booze will be remembering how I have been feeling recently.

I just didn’t feel good, didn’t feel healthy. And I was much more tired than the normal getting up at 5:30 a.m. not getting home until 7-7:30, being a busy kind of person tired.

And my motto is, if you have the right tools and you want to lose weight you will lose weight. If you don’t want to lose weight you won’t. It really is that simple if you have the right information.

And so far Day 1 and Day 2 have been going well for me.

And my exercise routine kicked back into gear on Saturday with … Continue reading

This and that

When I ended my cleanse a week ago I was a little worried that I would gain weight. Well, with food tasting so good. And I had some good meals the past week. Such as delicious welcome lunch on Tuesday at work; lasagna Curt got me at Market Hall the day I called in sick; the fritata he also got me, which I ate the next night for dinner; the amazing brunch, bacon and sangria I had Saturday before the Arizona/Stanford basketball game; and the munchies I had yesterday. I did gain weight, but only 1.2 pounds.

Today I started back with the exercise again by taking Hatha yoga with Baxter.

I packed my work meals for today (and tomorrow) with breakfast, lunch and a snack.

Baxter mentioned something they did in class last week and if we wanted to know about it we could get in a time machine and go back. I mentioned I was sick. Baxter called me out and said that was good. I did the best thing for myself and others in class.

Today in class I almost stole someone else’s purple Jade yoga mat. And after using her mat for class (we realized as … Continue reading

Healthier way to snack

I love to eat. I love to snack. I love to munch on things.

Eating, lack of exercise, sedentary job, change in metabolism and hitting that 25th year of my life are the reasons why I gained 30 pounds many years ago.

I lost 30 pounds about four years ago. And probably for two years after that I maintained my weight. I struggle slightly to keep my weight close to my goal weight. The highest I have been away from my goal weight was almost 9 pounds. Lately it has been 3-5 pounds. So not too bad.

We had friends over on Saturday to watch the Champion’s League final. Usually when we host a football (soccer) gathering Curt asks me to make salsa. It is easy to make and fairly healthy. But once I start scooping up that salsa with salty tortilla chips it’s all over. I still wanted to enjoy salsa without going too crazy. So I decided to buy some crisp veggies I could cut into circular pieces, similar to a chip. I cut up carrots, cucumber and zucchini.

The cut veggies were perfect to scoop up salsa. And I got that satisfying crunch without the huge amount … Continue reading

Starting off the new year right

Yesterday I attended a two-hour yoga workshop. It was refreshing and freeing and a great workout. It was a great way to start the new year and end the last year.

Today I attended my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. That class is always an amazing cardio workout.

Last week I decided I seriously need to make a change with my caloric intake. I know I have gained weight. I am not sure how much.

Last week I was home visiting family, eating lots of homecooked Mexican food and then spent a few days in San Diego eating every meal out and not healthy.

When I lost weight many years ago I lost weight over the holidays. So I really have no excuses. I need to get back to my goal weight. And that’s that.

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Getting back to that healthy living

I have known for some time that I needed to lose some weight. I could feel the pounds returning even though I refused to verify it by stepping on the scale. There are a few pairs of pants that are very difficult to get up over my butt and hips. I am starting to feel yuck. So today I got on the scale to see what the damage was … 9 pounds. I am 9 pounds over my goal weight. That’s sort of a lot.

I decided that something must be done about it and it must happen now. If I continue to let it go eventually 9 pounds will be 15, then 20 and eventually I will be back at where I started about four years ago when I first started losing weight.

OK, here are my little rants …

When I was losing weight people told me I had lost enough weight and didn’t need to lose anymore. Between my doctor and my Weight Watchers leader we had decided what was a safe weight for me to achieve and I did. Why do people think it is OK to comment on your weight when you are thin, skinny, … Continue reading

Not so fit girl

Ugh!!! Lately the exercise has been minimal and the calories have been at the max.

I was at the gym today walking to my spin class. I saw one of the body conditioning instructors working out. We said hi and then he said, Looking good. I laughed, mostly because the pounds are piling on. But it was still a nice compliment.

As of today I am trying to be better when it comes to caloric intake, time at the gym and a better work/life balance. Work is absolutely insane–but I am making my best efforts to make it to the gym regularly.

Wish me luck …

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5, 7 & about 4

So last week I talked about how I just had 5 pounds to lose, which doesn’t sound like much, right?

I hadn’t weighed myself in about a week and soon after that I weighed myself. I had 7 pounds to lose at that point. Women tend to fluctuate with weight. So who knows.

But anyway, I weighed myself this week and I am on track with losing weight. I now have about 4 pounds to lose to be back at my goal weight.

I just need to be diligent with my exercise and especially with my calorie intake. And challenges always seem to come up. All I can do is my best.

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Month of Magical Eating

Guest Post: Lisa

My eating policies are generally sensible, and owe a lot to Mark Bittman:

  • Lots of fresh vegetables
  • Fresh fruits when they’re high in fiber and nutrients
  • Vegetables and whole grains for breakfast and lunch, and meat for dinner maybe four days a week
  • Little to no refined flour or sugar
  • Protein-rich snacks like string cheese and nuts
  • At least 64 ounces of water daily

And three or four times a year — typically after a vacation or any period where I’ve gone off the healthy-eating reservation — I reboot my system with two weeks straight of eating only vegetables, lean protein and lean dairy like low-fat yogurt and low-fat cheese. No fruits, no breads, no pastas, no sugars or starches. Two weeks is just long enough to file down my sweet tooth, reinforce portion control and remember on how to tell when I’m satiated. It’s definitely a detox for the system, and I’m not exactly starving on any menu that can include (turkey) bacon and … Continue reading

Thanksgiving weekend weight gain

So I am happy to report that my holiday weekend weight gain wasn’t too bad.

I had planned to weigh in Wednesday. But that didn’t happen.

When I weighed in on Nov. 23 I was just .2 away from my goal weight. And now I am .8 away from my goal weight. Not too shabby. I find this quite encouraging.

I think a lot of my success is careful eating and exercise. I indulged a little over the weekend–but I didn’t go crazy. Another help in success is my garden vegetable soup. That is helping me keep on track.

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