Planning exercise, caloric intake for weight loss

One of my readers, Keri, asked me a question on my Go Fit Girl! Facebook page earlier this month. I do my best to answer her question(s) here.

Dear Go Fit Girl,

Can you help me understand why I can exercise 5 days a week for two months and not have lost any weight? Seriously, not even a pound.

P.S. Any suggestions on healthful lunches I can make at home and bring to work?

My initial response to her question is with a few questions myself: What kind of exercise are you doing? Does it vary? Have you changed what you are eating? Are you eating more now that you are working out?

When I was losing weight about five years ago the first 20 pounds had to do with my adjustment with food and calories. I hadn’t started exercising yet. I learned how to make better food choices along with portion control. And drinking more water helped as well.

The last 10 pounds I lost while introducing exercise (a lot of yoga) and continuing with my eating in moderation and portion control.

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Getting over my cold on the couch

So I stayed home from work today.

I watched TV, movies, napped, lounged on the couch, took one work call … and I feel a lot better.

I am still congested and a little tired. But nothing like I felt yesterday.

OK, enough about me getting better.

So I am still disappointed that I had to quit my cleanse early. But something good did come out of it.

I lost 3.2 pounds over the week. I had no idea it would have that kind of weight loss. And really, I didn’t do the cleanse to lose weight. I had already been eating healthy and losing weight with portion-controlled filling meals and regular exercise.

Since quitting the cleanse everything I eat tastes so good. My first piece of chocolate on Monday was like heaven. So I am a little worried that my hard work will go out the window. But I am working hard to prevent that.

Wish me luck!

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Unexpected relaxing yoga


I had so many ideas swirling in my head for tonight’s post that I wasn’t sure what to write about.

At first I was going to write about the 7-day super cleanse, which I will start tomorrow. But you will have to wait for that …

The second possible post was to write about how I lost another 2.2 pounds. Another week of really paying attention to what I was eating and really planning my meals and snacks.

And the third idea was what happened in yoga class tonight. So that is what you get. What I learned in yoga class tonight.

I attended Vickie’s Hatha class tonight. As she started the class talking about running on adrenaline and trying to relax she decided to change the focus of the class. Vickie mentioned cortisol, which is released in the body when stressed. She said when we practice Restorative yoga the hormone is reduced. Sounds like a good reason to me to practice more often.

So lucky for me and the rest of the students we got a mellow Restorative class. It was so relaxing and lovely.

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Planning, dedication, hard work pays off

Last week I talked about how planning my meals and my exercise was keeping me on track.

Well, the regular exercise and healthy eating has proven to be worthy. I got on the scale this morning and I lost 2.2 pounds from a week ago.

I haven’t tracked my food or counted Points or calories. I just paid attention to what I was eating and I planned.

I did a lot of cooking two weekends ago and most of my meals were fresh (hardly anything processed) with very little meat. I ate lots of fruits and vegetables. I drank water or tea.

I have been limiting my caffeine intake as well as my alcohol intake and trying to keep the imbibing to the weekends.

I plan to keep this up. We’ll see what happens next week.

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Maintaining healthy weight

Over the past couple of weeks I have had at least three comments that I am shrinking, dwindling away, losing weight, looking skinny, etc.

I didn’t really feel like I was dropping weight. I wasn’t sure since I hadn’t been on a scale in weeks, maybe a month.

So today I got on the scale … don’t worry I am not withering away. I am about 2 1/2 pounds from my goal weight. This was a surprise to me.

My exercise is in excellent practice. I am working out on average 6-7 days a week. My water intake is really good. I drink on average 80-96 ounces a day. I have almost completely cut out soda–diet soda included. I am trying to only drink alcohol on the weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays).  I am doing OK in that department. My caloric intake is just OK. It could be better. So I was surprised that my weight was lower than expected.

I know how to lose weight and I know how to maintain. My willpower with food is weak at times.

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Stepping on scale was not so scary

I did a weigh-in today and I was surprised and happy to find that I am only 4 pounds from my goal weight. I am not really sure how or why that happened. But I am OK with it.

About the first two years after I lost my roughly 30 pounds I was able to maintain rather easily. The past two years have been a little more of a struggle. But the highest weight I have been from my goal weight has been 9 pounds.

I decided to look at my Before and After pics again and post on my Go Fit Girl! Facebook page and have a link here as well. I am having issues sharing the link from Facebook.

I am still proud of my weight loss and happy with the fact that I have maintained pretty well over the years. The only new clothes I want to buy are in the sizes I own now. I purposely got rid of most of my clothes after my weight loss. I didn’t want to have them as a fall back and Bay Area … Continue reading

Heading back toward healthy lifestyle

Today I got back to a complete healthy lifestyle with exercise as a regular thing and tracking my food again.

Since Wednesday I have worked out every day: yoga or spin with a little abs and body conditioning thrown in on Saturday.

And today I started tracking my food again. I didn’t weigh myself today so I am not sure how many pounds I need to lose to get back to my goal weight. I should weigh in tomorrow and will have a better idea of the road ahead.

I am tracking food on my own and don’t have all the information on the Points Plus program. So on the old points plan … with my points today I was still able to include a glass of wine with dinner tonight. Oh yea!

I have to say I had to use a lot of willpower today to stay on track with food. If I really wanted to eat something I would eat a piece of fruit, some carrots or chew on a piece of sugar-free gum. But I am proud to say I stayed on track all day.

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You get biscuits instead of Bikram

I was planning on doing a post on Bikram Yoga. But I have been busy tonight and it is almost 9:30, which is sadly about my bedtime. I get up at 5 during the week so I like to try to be in bed by 9:30 and be asleep by 10. But just for you, dear readers, I am sacrificing a little bit of sleep. (And enough sleep is so important to me. I am kinda crabby if I don’t get enough.)

In my brief research on Bikram, I found an interesting article titled, Can Hot Yoga Help to Lose Weight Faster? I was pretty sure the answer was no. I do plan to do more extensive research for a future post. So stay tuned.

My mom and stepdad are coming in to town tomorrow. They are going to cat/housesit while Curt and I are on vacation. Fred wanted to have a ham delivered to us for us all to enjoy from Burgers’ Smokehouse. Curt stuck it in the oven for us tonight to start munching. We had ham, biscuits and corn for dinner.

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Balancing your checkbook can be yoga

Baxter said that tonight. It made me laugh. But it is true. Yoga is physical, internal, emotional and mental. And balancing your checkbook can really be emotional and mental.


Today at lunch I heated up a Lean Cuisine steamer, Chicken Poblano. While heating it up a couple of people asked me what I was making. They seem intrigued.

Once I was eating, I had a few more people comment on my lunch. Someone even assumed it was what was being served at the work cafe.

There are so many Lean Cuisine frozen dinners that I really like. But most of the steamers I have tried I have really enjoyed. One of those and a side of greens with some spritzer and I have a yummy, healthy and filling lunch.


The best news I have to report is that I weighed in today and I am just TWO pounds from my goal weight.

I wasn’t super diligent about tracking my food last week. But I did OK. Made little changes here and there–like with veggies for my “chips.” I was careful about what I ate and what I drank.

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Healthier way to snack

I love to eat. I love to snack. I love to munch on things.

Eating, lack of exercise, sedentary job, change in metabolism and hitting that 25th year of my life are the reasons why I gained 30 pounds many years ago.

I lost 30 pounds about four years ago. And probably for two years after that I maintained my weight. I struggle slightly to keep my weight close to my goal weight. The highest I have been away from my goal weight was almost 9 pounds. Lately it has been 3-5 pounds. So not too bad.

We had friends over on Saturday to watch the Champion’s League final. Usually when we host a football (soccer) gathering Curt asks me to make salsa. It is easy to make and fairly healthy. But once I start scooping up that salsa with salty tortilla chips it’s all over. I still wanted to enjoy salsa without going too crazy. So I decided to buy some crisp veggies I could cut into circular pieces, similar to a chip. I cut up carrots, cucumber and zucchini.

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