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Walking Wednesdays

When the weather is nice in South San Francisco (and that can be iffy) there is a small but mighty group who walks together on Wednesdays. The regulars come and go and come and go and new people trickle in. I am not a huge walker and personally would rather not walk. But if it […]

2 pounds–that’s a bag of baby carrots

So I recently put myself back on plan. I didn’t want to write about it right away. Because it seems like lately every time I do I screw it up. I am trying to take a different approach and different attitude this time around. Well, it paid off. I stepped on the scale today and […]

What the hell am I doing?

So my exercise routine is good. My goal is to work out 4 to 6 times a week. Lately I have been hitting 5 to 6 times a week. I, like Jen, want to get back on track. For me I really need to reel myself in in the food department. I make it a […]

Look out Venus and Serena!

Or maybe not. Erica and I recently were discussing over e-mail about whether or not your thighs get bigger because of spin. I have noticed recently that some of my pants seem tight in the thighs (pretty much all of my pants are tight in the butt area–that has always been an issue for me […]

I am maintaining

For the record, I am no longer trying to lose weight. Once you hit goal weight with WW you don’t just quit the program. I am now on the 6-week maintenance plan. It is all about trial and error. Every week at weigh-in we find out if I need to alter my point intake. If […]

15 pounds baby!

So last week was a sad week, I had gained a little weight at my Weight Watchers weigh-in. (Musta been all that beer I had in Phoenix.) But today at my WW weigh-in I lost and made my first WW goal. I have 9 pounds to go for my goal–and that is my new WW […]