Only 5 pounds

So I have about 5 pounds to lose to be back at my goal weight.

My husband was sweet and mentioned to me the other day that I looked good. Thanks, honey. But I do need to lose 5 pounds.

Most people think 5 pounds isn’t a big deal. Or they roll their eyes at me. Or even tell me they hate me. (I did work very hard to lose 30 pounds a few years ago.) But here’s the thing, yea, 5 pounds isn’t a lot to lose. But if I continue to eat the way I have been eating lately that 5 pounds is gonna become 10, 15 … You get the idea. So it is best and easiest to tackle the weight when it isn’t a lot.

So that is my goal right now: Get back to my goal weight. Some of my pants are a little tight–and it would be nice if they fit a little better.

Today is Day 3 of eating healthier. And I am doing well. Today my work out was in my work building gym. I did some weight machines for arms and legs; free weights for arms; squats; a little more than … Continue reading

3 pounds in 3 weeks

(Written Sunday night about 9:30 London time)

So about a month ago I started back on plan with tracking points. I was well on my way to hitting goal weight and maybe with a few pounds to spare by the time we came to Europe.
Then I got sick … I was hit with a pretty bad cold. When I am sick I don’t exercise (must not jeopardize the immune system that is fighting off a cold). And I also pretty much eat anything I want. And I was not missing out on the appetite.
But considering that I ate anything I wanted and didn’t exercise for a whole three weeks the 3-pound gain wasn’t that surprising.
I was hoping to be at goal weight or a little less so that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted while in Europe … which I am gonna do regardless, but maybe with a little guilt. Or maybe not.
We are in London now. And I have been enjoying wine and beer, dessert and big meals.
But there has already been a decent amount of walking. So the weight gain shouldn’t be too bad. (Last time … Continue reading

Impressing the doctor

I had my annual physical today. I have a great doctor. She takes that little bit of time with you–what maybe 10-15 minutes to talk to you and listen.

She was impressed that I have kept the weight off. It has been almost three years. She was impressed that I work out regularly (4-6 times a week–spin and yoga are the main focus). She emphasized how great both yoga and spin are for various reasons. (And my blood pressure was good, too.)

We talked about how to deal with work stress. She always has great advice–whether we talk about work, my plan to not have children, health, travel, etc. She is so non-judgemental and helpful.

I love my doctor’s office. All the women who work there are great and friendly and helpful and seem so happy to work there. I visit maybe three times a year and it is always a good experience.

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Control portions to control weight gain

Guest post: Michael, our first Go Fit Boy!

Did you know that when Coca-Cola was introduced in 1886, it was available only in 8-ounce servings? Both in fountain glasses and bottles, 8 ounces was it. Later, it went to 12 ounces, a 50% increase.
Then up from there. Now, at convenience stores, you can get a “big gulp” or some other similarly named sugar-laden soft drink often approaching or even exceeding 32 ounces. That’s a 300% increase from the originally intended serving size. It’s also 300% more empty-calorie sugar than the original serving.
Coca-Cola and other soft drinks are the extreme example of the “super-sizing” of our diets. Big increases have occurred with food portion sizes in many restaurants and on our home dining tables.
Our allowance of — nay, insistence on — portion size increase and thus amount of food we take in is largely responsible for all the weight we Americans have gained.
Control portion size, and you control weight. Period.
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Another bag of baby carrots

I had my weekly weigh-in today. And the number on the scale was good news. I lost 2 more pounds.

I am just trying to take one week and and one day at a time. I think I am doing pretty well. And if all continues on track I will be at my goal weight (and maybe a little under) before Curt and I head to Europe.

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Ugh! I hate water retention

As you know Mondays are my weigh-in day.

I made sure yesterday that I drank a ton of water. As I was feeling the water retention. My fingers were fat!

But, unfortunately, water retention remained and altered the numbers on the scale. So I couldn’t get an accurate reading of my weight.

I wasn’t super great with the food last week. But I wasn’t horrible either. So I figured the number would either be the same or just a little lower. Oh well. There’s always next week.

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Keepin’ track

So I decided that I needed to do something about my eating habits. I knew I needed to. But I think my weigh-in on Monday was a good reminder of what I need to do.

So today is Day 3 of me tracking my food. I am taking this time around with a different attitude.

I am going to a birthday party on Saturday. There will be good food and booze. And I want to enjoy myself. So up until then I am going to be careful about what I put in my mouth. Then Saturday I will enjoy the party and the good eats and drinks. And then Sunday I will get back on track.

Recently while trying to get back on track I screw up one day and then I just think the week is shot. So then I just stuff my face with whatever I want. Nope, not this time around. If I have an off day then I will just get back on the horse the next day or even the next meal.

I feel proud of myself that I have kept up with it for three days. I did it before. But it … Continue reading


After my yoga class today I hit Peet’s to get a coffee and while there decided to also get a pumpkin bread.

I knew the pumpkin bread would have more fat and calories than I really wanted to consume. But what the hell, right?

I got to work and checked the nutritional information online. My small soy latte was reasonable with 90 calories and 3 grams of fat. The yummy pumpkin bread, not so much at a whopping 380 calories and 16 grams of fat!

That pumpkin bread was HALF of the Weight Watchers daily points that I am allotted right now (while trying to lose a few pounds). Luckily I have some flex points sitting around waiting to be used.

Lesson learned: When you got to Peet’s for coffee, just get the coffee. No yummy, tempting goodies!

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