Switching it up at the gym

Today I debated on if I should do my regular Tuesday exercise routine on the spin bike (and if time permits, weights and abs) or switch it up a bit.

I decided to try something different. We have three regular ellipticals in the work gym and one “crazy” one: it’s a Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer. It’s like a stepper and an elliptical.

I did a 45-minute interval workout. When the resistance was low I used the elliptical in its full capacity–long strides. When the resistance was higher I used it more as a stepper. So every two minutes I was switching it up.

After my cardio I did some leg presses and arms with the free weights. Then I did some abs with the stability ball.

(I switch up my spin bike routine as well. If I do the “classes,” there are four choices and even within each “class” they vary. It’s important to keep your muscles guessing. Otherwise you can plateau. I also try to change up my weight routine and abs as well.)

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Working the medicine ball

Medicine ball photo provided by Teach Me Fitness.Today I did about an hour of climbing on the espinner. After my ride I did 15-20 minutes of stretching, weights and squats and abs with the medicine ball.

Until recently I had never really used a medicine ball.

Today I did squats with a 6-pound medicine ball and when I stood up I held the ball high above my head. After 20 of those I did some oblique twists. I did 15 to the left and 15 to the right.

When I used Google to search for medicine ball images I found a lot of exercise ideas with the medicine ball. I am sure there are a ton more than what is in that link.

I plan to try some other exercises. Of course, if I come up with some good stuff I will share it all here on Go Fit Girl!

The photo of the medicine balls to the left is provided by Teach Me Fitness.

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Curing the lazy with ‘tuna casserole’

Friday night Curt and I went out with friends and had drinks and then dinner. Many alcoholic beverages were consumed. Two of the friends we were hanging out with are my Saturday spin buddies. I teased them about making it to class on Saturday.

I didn’t sleep well and for about 20 minutes or so Saturday morning I debated on whether or not I should head to the gym. I was tired and dehydrated. I had some water and cereal and felt a little more normal. So I went.

That was a tough spin class. And I didn’t ride as hard as I normally do. But I did it. And I then I took the abs class and body conditioning. Lucky for me body conditioning was slower paced and focused on arms.

We went out last night as well. We headed to the city with friends for movie in the park and saw Top Gun. We had so much fun. Man, that movie is so cheesy. More beer was consumed and some delicious sandwiches.

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Keeping my wrists safe

About two weeks ago my left wrist hurt. I was careful with it while exercising. After a few days the pain went away.

Yesterday my right wrist started to hurt. I can’t figure out what I did to either one to have any pain. I do have some pretty skinny wrists. Maybe it’s all the bags I carry to work. Maybe because I am careless and run into things or over do it. Not really sure.

Tonight in yoga I was careful in certain poses with not putting unnecessary pressure on my wrist to cause any pain. Downward Facing Dog didn’t bother me. But plank did. So I used yoga dumbbells for plank, luckily we didn’t do plank much. I also kept my right hand in a fist in a few poses, which made my wrist stronger, more stable and not feel the pressure of some of the poses.

Yesterday at the gym I did a few exercises with the free weight dumbbells to strengthen my wrists such as this and this.

My wrist feels better today than yesterday. Let’s hope there is more improvement tomorrow.

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Not exactly detoxing

After three days of no exercise and pretty much stuffing my face with Mexican food and other delicious and delightfully unhealthy stuff I was back at it with my regular routine today.

I hit the gym for 45 minutes of endurance spinning and 15-20 minutes of some arm weights and abs.

For lunch today I had a salad. I tried to make it healthy and filling with a little grilled chicken, spinach, carrots, a little cheese, beets, a little corn, quinoa, strawberries, onions, mushrooms, etc. For dressing I had oil and vinegar.

I wouldn’t say I exactly detoxed today. I had one cup of coffee and then water for the rest of the day. Though that is usually the norm.

For dinner tonight I had steamed broccoli and brown rice with some seasonings. It was filling and pretty tasty. It’s one of my regular and favorite dinners when eating healthy.

The two Hershey’s kisses were much better than what I could have been stuffing my face with. Plus, there were leftover breakfast burritos from some morning meeting and I didn’t have any of that. Especially since I had already had my Bagel Thin with Light Laughing Cow cheese and a … Continue reading

Strengthening wrists with various exercises

Yesterday right before yoga I noticed that my left wrist was hurting. I don’t remember doing anything in particular to it to make it ache. But I am a klutz and run into things and forget that I did.

For example, I have a bruise on top of my right foot. I have no idea or recollection on how I received that bruise.

I am also the bag lady when it comes to transporting to and from work. Since I don’t drive to work anymore I need EVERYTHING. So I usually have my purse, work bag (with laptop) and gym bag. On Wednesdays I don’t normally have the gym bag as I go to yoga in the neighborhood after work.

Anyway, yesterday I only had the purse and the work bag. But I still coulda grabbed one of my bags weird or awkwardly and hurt my wrist.

I was worried that the hurt wrist would make problems while practicing yoga, especially during Downward Facing Dog. I only noticed it a few times during my practice. I made adjustments to take the pressure off my wrist and make the pose more comfortable when needed.


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Choosing to taking it easy

Today my goal was to not eat any bite-sized Snickers from my candy bowl at work. I was tempted many times. But every time I longingly looked at the candy I reminded myself of my goal. And I was successful. Just a little will power.

I had planned to do an hour and a half at the work gym–an hour of cardio and then weights and abs.

But all day today I have had a headache. I just couldn’t kick it. I wasn’t sure if it was a sinus headache or because I was dehydrated or something else. I drank a decent amount of water yesterday. But not as much as I normally take in.

I thought it was best to skip the gym and take it easy this evening. I exercise almost every day. So I don’t feel guilty skipping today. Every body needs to rest at times as well.

This evening I have been relaxing, watching TV, movies, cuddling with the furbaby and knitting. I haven’t knitted in some time. But I am working on a scarf for a friend who is walking the 60 miles in three days for Susan G. Komen.

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Workin’ on those guns

I exercise almost every day. I am still amazed at myself that I do. But it has just become a healthy habit in my life, like brushing my teeth. It is now just part of my lifestyle.

When I practice yoga, which is about three times a week, at the studio all classes are an hour and a half. On Saturdays at the gym I usually take two hours of classes: spin; abs; and body conditioning. Working on the espinner at the work gym varies depending on how much time I have: 30 mins to an hour, and the time of the shuttle bus.


Even with all of that I feel like I need another day of weights. So my goal is on Tuesdays or Thursdays to try to workout at the work gym an hour and a half: an hour of cardio with weights and abs, like I did today. (We have free weights, weight machines, medicine balls, stability balls and plenty of cardio machines). It is easy for me to work my arms, legs and core in addition to my cardio.)

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Hatha Yoga on Sunday morning

This morning I attended the Hatha Yoga class instead of Vinyasa because we had brunch plans with out of state friends.

Hatha isn’t as intense as my regular Sunday Vinyasa class. But it was a good class and I like the teacher. I have had her as a sub before and she teaches the Sunday Restorative Yoga class.

I do regularly practice Hatha with a  class taught by Baxter on Wednesday evenings.

Vickie had us hold Downward Dog for 5 minutes in class this morning. It felt a lot longer than that. And it was rather intense. My arms and shoulders are a little sore after doing weights yesterday in body conditioning.

And my hands kept slipping on my mat. I have a cheap mat. I have been thinking about getting a new spendy yoga mat. I need to do a little research before I make the investment.

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A little cardio with some arms sprinkled in

My inner thighs are still sore from Saturday’s step ups during circuit training in body conditioning. I am walking around pretty funny.

I still wanted to do some cardio today. So I did 30 minutes of intervals on the espinner.

After my cardio I did some weights for my arms, especially since Saturday’s body conditioning had more of an emphasis on legs.

I didn’t have a lot of time today. So I did bicep curls (example of me in the picture to the left), lateral raises for my shoulders and tricep curls.

If I am still sore tomorrow I will try to be careful with the cardio and legs again and put an emphasis on working some other arm muscles.

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