Self-designed spin class

So the gym was open today, but all classes were canceled.spin

I arrived a little after 9 and decided to ride the bike instead of the elliptical. I put in my ear buds, cranked up the music and pretty much designed my own spin class.

I climbed a lot of hills, did some endurance, sprints and more hills.

My favorite work out song is Eye of the Tiger. It was a little hard to maintain a beat while I was on the bike. But I went for it. I did hill sprints to Like a Virgin.

After about 30-40 minutes on the bike I did about 15 minutes of core and some free weights.

Christmas Eve dinner is fairly healthy. Poff family tradition is to have shrimp on Christmas Eve. So Curt and I have carried on that tradition. We will also have biscuits and baked potatoes.

My family tradition is designed around Mexican food–not so healthy. Curt and I will have tamales for breakfast Christmas morning. Then I am planning on making cheese enchiladas, rice and beans for dinner.

Happy Holidays to all my readers!

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Spin vs. work

I started a project this afternoon and was on a roll. At about 5:10 I started the debate, stay and work or go to spin and sweat. Yea, not the best options to have to hash out.

I decided that the work would be there tomorrow. And I am really trying to achieve and maintain work/life balance. And taking care of myself is the life part.

At about 6:30 the fire alarm went off. It was ear-piercing and that damn flashing light. Argh! It wouldn’t stop. And John, the instructor, decided to stop class. We were right near one of the alarms and it was so freakin’ loud.

After class was over early I decided to grab my iPhone and listen to some music (loudly) while doing some weights, which Sarah, yoga instructor, recommended. I worked on lateral pulls and triceps.

So in the end it worked out. Because I got kinda annoyed that I had chosen to leave work early and go to class. HA! I say early–really I mean on time. So sad.

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My wimpy upper body

I have been really working on my Chaturanga Dandasana in yoga. It is a difficult pose. Between my lack of upper body strength and my slight scoliosis and my major arch in my lower back this pose looks weird when I do it.

We focused on that pose a lot during Monday morning’s class. During and after class I talked to Sarah, the instructor, about it. Sarah asked me how many times a week I do weights. I told her once. She told me two times a week would really help. Not sure how I am gonna fit that into my workout sked since I already work out 6 days a week for a total of seven hours. Maybe 15 minutes after one of my evening spin classes.

Sarah told me that I need to work on upper body strength with lateral pulls and tricep exercises. I do some shoulder weight work in my Saturday body conditioning class. And we do the tricep exercises linked to earlier and these and check out this video. Most of these I could do at home while watching TV. I think I could even mimic the lateral pull with … Continue reading

Anyone can do yoga

I meant to post about this last Wednesday. But that work thing is getting in the way of my blogging.

Last Wednesday I attended my regular yoga class. We had a new person in the class. He wasn’t a typical yogi. He was a big guy, kinda beefy and looked like he lifted big weights.

This guy pushed through the class and seemed to be humbled by it.

I was proud of him. I wanted to tell him so, but I didn’t want to embarrass him.

Today yoga class was focused on twists. Who knew that could be a great workout? It felt really great on my back.

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Some landmarks

In my adv. body conditioning class we usually use two sets of dumbbells. When I first started the class a couple of months ago I started with the smallest hand weights, 2 pounders. Recently I graduated to the 3 pounders.

Yesterday I actually used two sets of hand weights. When Gerry (pronounced Gary) told us to use our heavier weights I went up to 5 pounds. It was tough, but good. I could feel my muscles bulging!

Then today in kickboxing … we only had four people in the class. Two were new. Usually when we start the class Keren tells anyone who gets lost to follow the girls in front–they usually know what side to be punching on and they look good doing it. I was one of those girls today. I mean, Betsy (who always looks awesome, I still look like a spaz) is usually one of those girls.

I realize I was one of the two regular students in the class. But still, it was awesome. And I am getting so much better. Punching harder, keeping up, staying on the correct side. And I am looking a little less spazzy.

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