Brown vs. white

Years ago I switched from eating white rice, pasta and bread to eating brown rice, pasta and bread. My reason: more nutrients. And on the old Weight Watchers plan whole wheat pasta was lower in Points. On the “newer” plan the Points are the same. But (healthy) habits are hard to break.

And I love carbs and will NEVER give them up. Yum!

When I went to do my research on brown vs. white rice and pasta the Google search also listed brown vs. white eggs … sugar. I also looked up bread.

According to The Hungry Mouse, the only major difference between brown and white eggs is the color of the shell.

According to a New York Times article, the two varieties of (brown and white) sugar are similar nutritionally.

I have been eating whole wheat (brown) bread for years. According to a Livestrong article, whole wheat brown bread has a “nutritional advantage” over white bread, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. This is because brown breads made from whole wheat usually contain more fiber than white bread, as well as greater amounts of important nutrients such as vitamins B-6 and E, magnesium, folic acid, copper, zinc … Continue reading

A serving of pasta

The other night I was cooking some whole wheat pasta and needed to measure how much I was consuming. (I have been counting calories since Monday. Will write about how that is going later on.)

The box says a serving is 2 ounces. Since I don’t have a food scale I have no idea how much that is cooked or even dry. So I finally decided to look it up. Two ounces of dry pasta is equal to 1 cup of cooked pasta. (Why I didn’t look that up sooner I don’t know.)

The night of the pasta eating I also had enough calories in my “budget” to have a glass of wine.

It was a good dinner with some sauteed homegrown tomatoes, a little garlic and a tsp. of olive oil over a cup of whole wheat spaghetti, a green salad with basalmic salad spritzer and a glass of red wine.

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