Got my walk in today

Mia and I met this afternoon and took a 20-minute walk nearby.

The weather was beautiful, it was nice to get some fresh air and chat it up with my friend. And I got a little exericse in.

We want to make that a regular occurrence. After I take a walk I am so much more productive and have more energy for the rest of my work day.

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Just what I needed

I made sure that I got out of work on time today to make my evening yoga class. (I actually got out of work on time three nights this week to make sure I made it to the gym–work/life balance. I am now 3 & 2: 3 yoga & 2 spin.)

Ken was subbing. He is a really good teacher and I enjoy his classes. He is a little tough. But I made sure not to push myself too hard today. At the beginning of class he offered meditation on your sit bones or lying down. I took it lying down–wonderful!

When the class was over I felt so good. I even went up to Ken and let him know that after a hard, tough, long week his class was just what I needed.

That and a glass of wine–which I am drinking now. Monica invited us out tonight to a cool little place. Curt already had plans and I wasn’t sure. I just decided to come home and have some quiet Ann time and be mellow. I really needed that after this work week.

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2 pounds–that’s a bag of baby carrots

So I recently put myself back on plan. I didn’t want to write about it right away. Because it seems like lately every time I do I screw it up. I am trying to take a different approach and different attitude this time around.

Well, it paid off. I stepped on the scale today and I lost 2 pounds, on the dot.

I have been tracking my food since last Monday. My goal is to weigh in on Mondays. Yesterday was super insane at work. Today wasn’t much better. But I made sure before it got too crazy that I took the 5-10 minutes to weigh in.

Even though I was exhausted at work I was in such a good mood after seeing that my hard work this past week had paid off.

For those of you who don’t know, about two years ago I lost 30+ pounds. I have done pretty well with keeping it off and maintaining my weight. Lately the food intake has been unhealthy and some ridiculous portions. The exercise has been pretty consistent. So I know that it is really about what I am eating and drinking.

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I call it the 2-hole punch core flexer

Yesterday while 2-hole punching some paperwork to file into the patent files I noticed that every time I hit the lever on the hole puncher I would engage my abs.

I never noticed that until yesterday. I mean, I could be volunteering to hole punch everyone’s paperwork at the company and have washboard abs.

Do you think I should do an instructional video?

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Balance between effort and ease

That was the theme today in my yoga class.

I hadn’t worked out since Wednesday, with work being so busy and then being out of town. So today seemed a little tougher than usual.

Sarah, the regular Mon/Wed a.m. yoga instructor, was back today after being out for about five weeks.

I don’t have very good balance. But it has been getting better. I have gotten much better at tree pose. But today I just sucked at it! Usually I get frustrated with myself when I can’t hold a balancing pose. But today I really didn’t.

Another pose we did was the dancer pose. I was much better with that one.

And the last pose I want to mention is crane. I have actually done this pose fully before–like once. You have to have a really strong core for this pose.

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Mac & Cheese

Tonight for dinner I made the Mac & Cheese recipe from Cook Yourself Thin.

It wasn’t your typical Mac & Cheese. Man, it was good and rich and filling. I couldn’t finish what I had served myself–well, I could have. But I didn’t want to feel gross!

It took longer to make than I normally like to take to cook. I don’t really cook and I pretty much hate it. It was a long day at work–like 10 hour long day–but I still wanted to make the Mac & Cheese, which was easy to make just took longer than nuking soup. 🙂

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Cook Yourself Thin recipe made

Tonight for dinner I made one of the recipes from the Lifetime TV show Cook Yourself Thin.

I made the Easy Herb-Roasted Chicken With Roasted Veggies. I altered the veggies slightly.

I have to say it was really good and filing. Though this wouldn’t be the normal thing I would make for dinner on a week night. I just don’t have time for that. Especially these days with working long hours and also making sure I get my gym time in, which gets much more difficult with long work hours.

I would like to try a recipe from Cook Yourself Thin or Hungry Girl at least once a week, likely Sundays–because I will have the time to cook and experiment.

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Wonderful way to start a Monday, which is really a Wednesday …

well, I only have three days of work this week. So today is Wednesday for me, right?
Anyway, had yoga this morning. We had a sub named Brian. (Oh, the teacher who has taken over the classes, Sarah, is really great.)
Brian was really good, too. There were only two of us in class. He took the time to adjust us or talk us through holding the pose correctly. He had us hold the poses longer than normal, which is good and bad. Good for your body–but I don’t like when my thighs or arms or whatever are burning and I don’t think I can hold the pose for one more second!
It was a wonderful practice and I felt ready for my crazy and short week at work. Wednesday is the last day for Onyx for the year. So I am trying to get as much done as I possibly can. It’s tough. I came in 3 1/2 hours yesterday.
Have a wonderful rest of the day!

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