Fun stories, random drawing, one Comment Contest Tuesday winner

Last week for Comment Contest Tuesday, I asked my readers what was or is your nickname? When you were a little kid what did you want your name to be? Any stories behind your name or nickname?

There were some fun answers. Thanks to all the ladies for answering.

The random drawing winner was … don’t call her Alice … Alicia.

Alicia doesn’t really have a nickname. But she has an interesting story about how when she was a kid her Chinese family really struggled to say her “Spanish” name.

My family calls me Annie. But I used to wish my name was Starr. I am still not a fan of my name. It’s boring and I consider it an old lady name.

In my Saturday spin class there are two other Anns (spelled just like mine) and if we are all there people yell out All Anns on Board. It’s fun! Yes, we are one wild and crazy spin class.

Brenda Marie, thanks for participating, and don’t worry, you aren’t in trouble.

Rebecca (aka Bridget[te]), I don’t remember the “other” Rebecca in kindergarten. Were you in Holly Lackowitz’s (is that how she spelled it) class?

Wow, Kim Hammermeister, now … Continue reading

Go Fit Girl! LOVES her amazing, beautiful readers (with prizes)

And the Comment Contest Tuesday on a Thursday winners are revealed.

Six wonderful women participated and six wonderful women are getting a little something for showing love to themselves.

Three were my some of my regular readers/supporters/commenters. And three were new commenters but I suspect regular supporters/readers. 🙂

The question was simple: What do you love about yourself?

But for many the answer was not easy. We all had to really dig down and be true to ourselves. And the things that came out were amazing!

Review Wednesday: Saying yes to Yes to Carrots …

When I was running the toy drive at work in December one of my friends/co-workers gave me some Yes to samples to add to the makeup “kits” (caboodle boxes) I had put together for some of the older girls.

I got samples of cleansers, lotions, eye gel, lip butter, etc.

I decided to keep a few for myself to try out and then, of course, write a review for Go Fit Girl!

I took only samples I thought my nose could handle.

I have a high sensitivity to perfumes and smelly lotions and such, which give me what I call mini-migraines, raging headache and nausea.

Here are the samples I grabbed and tried myself: