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Home (hotel) yoga practice

Curt and I stayed in Santa Cruz over the weekend. I didn’t check to see if the hotel had a gym. I am about 50/50 on that. Sometimes I am a rockstar with the hotel gym. And other times my exercise clothes never even leave the suitcase. This time around I brought my yoga mat […]

Let’s celebrate National Yoga Month

September is National Yoga Month. I know that. But the weird thing is I am having a hard time finding a lot of current information on this. In honor of of this month I thought I would FINALLY respond to a request from my friend Rosie. Months ago she asked me for advice for someone […]

Candlelight flow

Usually on Fridays when I work from home I attend the 10 a.m. yoga class at my yoga studio. But Joey had a vet appointment this morning so I wasn’t able to attend Rachel’s Vinyasa class. I attended the 5:30 p.m. fairly new candlelight flow class. This was my first time with the newish class. […]

I’ve gone bananas

Today’s post is all about bananas. Bananas have been an integral part of my life lately. For some reason I have been eating a lot of bananas–mostly with my breakfast. I usually have this bad habit of buying bananas and never eating them and then they go bad and I have to throw them away. […]